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I’m the Over-Scheduler

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Some weeks you survive the week. Other weeks, it survives you. This is one of those weeks.

Everything my email inbox throws at me, I catch with a twinkle in my eye, slapping it on the ever growing to-do list, fearlessly saying, “Sure, I can do that!” Believing I can find hours as yet unknown to humankind.

All the while ignoring the buzz in the back of my head that says, “Uhhhh, you may want to think about this.”

Not me! I stand on the pile of post-it note reminders, my towel (from the shower I can’t take because I don’t have time) waving in the hurricane force winds of my optimism. Hands on my hips, skin dry and pale from the lack of sun and body lotion (because who’s got time for moisturizer when there’s work to be done?!).

Who needs sleep? Who needs to blink?

More coffee! There’s work to be done!

I’m the Over-Scheduler!

Leaping bottomless to-do lists with single bounds (that look more like staggered, exhausted hops). Stronger than the reality that governs us all! Faster than the time it takes to brew my coffee (24 hours because I only drink cold brew in the summer).

And I’ve got more confidence than time or sense.

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday, where this week’s prompt is “survive.” I’m not a bad-ass. But I’m likely on the manic side of my bipolar disorder — a time when I think can Do All The Things. Unfortunately, because I’ll drag my tired ass over hot coals rather than miss a deadline, I often get it all done — at risk to my well-being. But once the mania sets in, there’s nothing to do but hold on and survive it.

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