Every Damn Day in June 2019

Ever Have One of Those Days?

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The question is, of course, rhetorical. We’ve all had “one of those days” even when our days look nothing alike.

Today was a comedy of errors.

Recordings I can usually get done in 10 minutes took four takes, 30 minutes, and a ridiculous amount of editing.

My laptop refused to work faster than a snail pulling a grindstone. It desperately needed to reboot it but I was only reminded while I was in the middle of doing something.

I wanted to record more audio later…and tree service people were working right outside the window where I sat.

I wanted to edit audio. But the file is fucked up, and I need John Brownstone to help. Which I was trying to avoid so as to mean it when I said, “I won’t ask too much of you” after starting a new project.

Files wouldn’t open. Pages wouldn’t load. To do lists wouldn’t cross themselves off.

So I said fuck this. It was time for action…the kind of action that goes against every productive bone in my body.

Move non-essential tasks from this week to next week. Reboot the damn computer. Go get your nails done, Kayla.

And I did…after doing the responsible thing and making an appointment. Of course, although I arrived five minutes early, I had to wait 30 minutes. Then it took three nail technicians to give me the design on my nails that I wanted…sort of.

All this after I’d had the internal debate whether to keep my nails simple or “do something on a whim.” I went with the whim and lost. Okay, not really. My nails looks great.

But it’s truly one of those days.

Nothing big, bad, major, stressful, or devastating. Just a bunch of little stresses that manage to pile on top of each other until you want to run screaming in another direction.

I’m officially over this particular Thursday.

Nothing sexy to see here, but I am still blogging every damn day…although, the idea of skipping today was quite tempting.

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