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His Seed #WickedWednesday

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! This week’s prompt is a little outside of my comfort zone – cooking with semen. Would you or wouldn’t you? For me, the answer is no. But that’s not the whole story…

I am a swallower – let’s just get that question out of the way. If he cums in my mouth, I’m swallowing. I have no interest in have cum shot across my body, although I do like the feel of sticky liquid oozing down my thighs.

In a perfect world, I’d rather be filled with his seed – pussy or ass, makes no difference. There’s something sensual and dark about being plowed and plundered by my Daddy, the ferocity of his strokes, the feral grunts and growls as his need builds, and the final, deep thrust as he fills my body.

I love the feel of his cock in my mouth, though. The steel of his shaft, the silky smoothness of his skin – both are heaven against my tongue. Often, I wish I could lay with my head in his lap, his cock in my mouth, sucking, licking, or simply holding him gently. My mouth on his body relieves my oral fixation. If he cums in my mouth, I’ll swallow, but I always hope he won’t. I’d rather drive him so wild with my tongue and teeth that he grabs me by my hair, pulls me off of him, and fucks me senseless. Thankfully, he often indulges me.

At the end of the night, I want to feel his seed drying on my skin, unable to be contained by my body. Plowed and plundered, made boneless by his lust, and smelling of our mingled juices, that’s the mark of ownership I crave most.

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