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You’re Mine Now #WickedWednesday

Alice tried to remember who had given her the key to the door in front of her. Her memory was faulty after a long night of drinking and…well…other things she didn’t feel like admitting to herself. She couldn’t see his face in her mind, but she could hear the words he’d whispered in her ear.

“If you want to find out of all these fantasies of your’s are real, Alice, you’ll have to go down the rabbit hole a bit. And I’ve got the key that will gain your entrance.”

When she’d woken up the next morning with the taste of stale liquor in her mouth and the smell of stale cigarettes clinging to her hair, she tried to convince herself that it had been a dream. Until she’d undressed for her shower and found the key in her pocket. Even that she could have passed off as a weird coincidence until she found the crumpled piece of paper with an address and a note in her handwriting. “This is it. This is what you want. Go as soon as you can.”

She’d developed the habit of leaving herself notes when she was drunk so that she knew her big plan, grand scheme, or cool idea hadn’t been a alcohol-fueled dream. Normally it was more practical – helping her find her car the next morning or her bra and panties.

Alice knew, instinctively, that she could go to the address with the key at any point and find…something. The mysterious voice must have shared details with her, details her drunk mind stored away for future use. Clearly, she hadn’t stored it all away or she’d know exactly what she was about to get herself into. And yes, she was definitely going. The mystery and potential danger of the adventure was too much for her. Of course she was going.

But not before she was mentally ready. Reaching for the flask she kept in her nightstand, she knocked back a swig. The whiskey burned a path from her throat to her stomach. Squeezing her eyes shut against the tears that sprang forth, she gasped and gagged. Once the blaze lessened to a soothing warmth, she realized her head was clearer and she was less nervous about her next adventure.

An hour later, she found herself standing outside a door in a dark hallway in a building that looked like it should have been condemned 20 years earlier. Okay, what the hell am I doing here? This place looks scary – even for me.

Taking a deep breath, and another sip from her flask, she inserted the key and turned it, terrified yet excited about what she might find behind it. The door was heavy and creaked loudly as she pushed against it. She walked in a step, gasped, then froze.

A naked woman was draped across the arm of a couch, wrists bound together with rope. The rope was tied to a hook in the ceiling pulling her arms up behind her. The poor woman was blindfolded and gagged while another woman, this one in a black corset and shiny black boots, hit her with a riding crop over and over again. Alice could see the redness on her skin from across the room.

To the left of that was a man on all fours on some kind of platform. A leather-clad man stood by his head, shoving his cock repeatedly down the man’s throat while a woman stood by his ass and shoved a dildo in and out of his hole, all while holding a vibrator to his cock.

Alice turned around to leave the way she’d entered and hit a wall of silk, wool, and leather. Looking up, she met the eyes of a man who seemed rather familiar.

“I’m so glad you decided to join me, Alice.” That voice. She knew that voice. “I see you decided to go down the rabbit hole.”

She shook her head in denial but couldn’t get a word past her throat, squeezed tight with fear and…something she refused to name. “You think you forgot what I told you last night, but there’s no doubt in my mind that you remembered, or you wouldn’t be here.”

Alice found her voice, barely. “No, no. That’s not possible. If I had known this kind of weird shit was going on, I’d never have come. Never!” Her denials felt forced, even to her. How could he have known this was one of her fantasies? She’d never admitted her kinky desires to anyone before – drunk or sober. How could she have told this stranger?

“Ah, but I know the reason you came is specifically for this ‘weird shit’ as you so rudely called it. Under normal circumstances, you’d be punished, but you’ll be forgiven – this time.”

Forgiven? Who did he think he was? She didn’t any damn forgiveness from anyone! She was a grown woman, and she would do what she damn well pleased!

Just as the thoughts were about to become words, she felt his fingers wind through her hair and pull. Squeaking in surprise, her eyes flew to his face. What was happening?

“I’m disappointed in you, Alice. I can smell the whiskey on your breath. We don’t drink and play around here so I guess you’ll just have to watch tonight. Watch and want but not receive. When you come back – and you will come back, Alice dear, you’d better be stone cold sober, or you won’t be forgiven and you will be punished.”

With a tug on her hair, the mystery man lead her to a couch on the other side of the platform that held the man on all fours. “Watch, sweet Alice. Watch and realize that one day this will be you – just as we discussed last night.”

Alice wanted to run. She wanted to deny that she could have told him any of her fantasies. She would drink if she want to, leave when she wanted to, and anyone who thought differently could kiss her ass.

A sharp yank on her scalp brought her back to the moment. “I know what you’re thinking, Alice girl, but I told you that if you used the key, if you entered this room, you became mine until I was through with you. It’s too late to turn back now, sweet Alice. You’re mine now.”

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! The first sentence of this post was the prompt, and apparently, my kinky mind was feeling a little dark and dangerous. Rawr! Okay, y’all, check out what others are doing on this very wicked Wednesday. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Wicked Wednesday

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