Like Hyacinth on #Boobday

Welcome to Boobday! Today’s the one year anniversary of the best way to celebrate Fridays. I almost didn’t participate this week – not because I don’t love Boobday (I do) but because I didn’t have time to get a good picture done last weekend, and if Hyacinth hadn’t asked me to participate, I would have let it go…but I’m glad I didn’t.

This week’s theme is HYACINTH. The goal is to take a picture similar to the type that Hyacinth takes. On the first shot, I got something I could live with…Hyacinth has a beautiful body, but I couldn’t be completely topless for this picture. I think I captured a little of Hyacinth’s style with this one, though.


That’s me on the king size bed in the lonely hotel room while I’m in Baltimore for work this week.




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