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The Visitor

She kneels in the corner, naked but for her collar, waiting. The doorbell rings. He answers the door and invites His visitor in. Every muscle in her body tightens. He said this would happen. Somehow her brain wouldn’t allow her to believe it. Two male voices now fill the room, where before there was only Him.

She never moves – even a slight twitch would disappoint Him. She is His good girl.

“Is that her?” asks the visitor.

She wishes this unknown person would ignore her like Sir ignores her while she kneels in a corner. This is her place until she’s needed. She has no desire to be the center of attention until He wants to use her.

“Of course,” He replies. “Want a beer?”

She hears the refrigerator door open and shut then the crack of an opened bottle. She can sense this new person’s gaze on her body. Part of her feels shy, worried that he will not find her attractive. Another part feels nothing but pride. Her Sir finds her beautiful and would not show her off otherwise. Her spine straightens slightly.

The two men begin to make conversation about football, the weather, local politics. Lulled into a state of relaxation at the sound of the male voices rising and falling, she jumps a little when she hears His commanding voice.

“Come to me, pet.”

Head down, she rolls to her hands and knees and slowly crawls to Him. She kneels at His feet, waiting.

“Look at me, pet.”

Her eyes lift and meet His. He strokes her cheek with one finger. Her eyes close and she leans in to Him.


She takes her usual position at His feet, her head on His knee. This gives Sir’s visitor a new view of her. She feels His hand on her head, softly stroking her hair.

The visitor’s eyes widened as she had crawled but grow bigger when he sees her fully for the first time.

“She’s hot, man! Damn! And she just fucking crawls to you? Damn…” He had found it hard to believe when it had been explained to him earlier in the week. Seeing it for himself seems surreal.

She peeks up at him from lowered eyes. He’s not unattractive but nothing like her Sir. Of course, she knows it doesn’t matter. This is only for her on a small level. Tonight, her Sir wants to watch while she’s used by someone who is a stranger to her. The man could have been hideous. Grateful that he isn’t, she tries to relax under his scrutiny.

As if sensing her relaxation, Sir abruptly stands and twines His fingers through her silky hair. As He roughly pulls her, she has no choice but to crawl after Him. He puts on a show for the visitor, walking her around the room, allowing the visitor to see that He controls her. He makes sure the visitor knows who is in charge of her – only He will command her, only He can.

“Are you ready for my slut to service you?” He asks.

“Oh hell yeah, man. Fuck yeah. Hold on, let me just get ready,” the visitor replies. He begins to pull at the button of his jeans. She hears his zipper going down.

Sir leads her to the visitor. She sees his cock spring from his pants. She stumbles a little behind Sir as a 9 inch cock comes into view. As they come closer, His fingers grip her hair more fiercely. The pain in her scalp combined with the anticipation of what she’s about to do fill her with desire. She knows her pussy is wet.

He stops next the visitor and pulls her hair back so that her face is tilted up slightly.

“Open that pussy up, whore,” He growls.

Obediently, she opens her mouth. He forces her head up and over the visitor’s massive cock, pushing her head down as far as she can go, choking her on his shaft, causing her to gag.

“You know what to do, slut. Make sure my guest is properly serviced,” He orders.

As her head begins to move up and down, she feels His hand leave her hair. Sir smacks her flank hard. New, unknown hands grip her hair tightly. The visitor begins to moan.

Sir sits down in His chair with a perfect view, watching His slut as she is used by the visitor.

The visitor begins to cast aside his inhibitions as he loses himself in the sensations of a hot, tight mouth on his hard cock. He’s never felt anything like this before. Her mouth feels like a pussy – soft, hot, wet. He grips the slut’s hair with both hands and pumps his hips up and down, fucking her mouth. He doesn’t care that she gags and that tears run down her face, in fact he likes it a little. All he cares about is fucking this tight little hole.

“Don’t forget, no cumming inside my slut. Face, tits, stomach, wherever, but only I get to cum in her,” states Sir calmly.

The visitor nods slightly, showing he understands.

With no warning, he yanks his cock out of her mouth and splashes hot cum all over her face. No one has ever cum on her body before. She feels used and humiliated, as Sir knows she will.

The visitor slumps back in his chair, out of breath.

“Man, that was fucking amazing. Gimme a minute to catch my breath, and then we can keep going.”

Sir smiles. He knows he chose tonight’s visitor wisely. His slut is about to be used in ways she’s never imagined.


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