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#CoverReveal The Adventures of Sir and Babygirl

Ok, I’m going to try and act like a professional author over here while I reveal the cover of my next book. Here I go. (Ok, breathe, just breathe). Ok, um, ok, so…


Well, that didn’t last long. I can’t help it, though! I’m so excited about this one!!

Thank you to everyone who voted in my poll a few weeks ago. The picture for this cover was the overwhelming favorite.

BDSM erotica

Coming to Amazon and Smashwords soon!


The Adventures of Sir and Babygirl is a compilation of short stories that, read in the right order, tell the story of Sir and Babygirl. I wrote four new stories for this book, plus I revised and added to a couple that you’ll have already seen.

My hope is to come out with subsequent books about Sir and Babygirl. I’ve drawn from reality and fantasy for Sir and Babygirl.





And now, what cover reveal would be complete without a small excerpt?

Johnathan waited for Katie’s reply. Drumming his fingers against the table, he looked at the clock and realized not only had the day gotten away from him, he hadn’t eaten in hours. At that moment, his stomach chimed in, growling and gurgling in displeasure.


“Only if you want to. No pressure, I promise.”

Sighing and rolling his eyes, he refused to dignify Katie’s message with a response.  He thought about what he had in mind when he called tonight, and he felt his cock twitch.

“Whoa there, boy, it’s just a phone call.” Johnathan looked down at his crotch and wondered how just thoughts of talking to her could do this to him.

With the tap of a few buttons, he pulled up her picture on his phone and smiled. Dark, smiling eyes stared back at him. He loved the sparkle he saw in them. He imagined how soft her nearly black hair would feel in his hand. He wanted to lick and nibble her full lips and kiss her cheeks. Was that the hint of a dimple he saw?

The longer he stared at Katie, the more insistent his cock became. The twitch turned into a persistent pulse against his zipper. He felt his balls draw up and tighten a little. Stomach or cock, thought Johnathan. He looked at Katie’s picture and felt himself twitch again.


Johnathan closed and locked his office door. Unbuttoning his fly, he felt his rock hard flesh spring forward. Gripping the shaft firmly, he began to stroke himself. A dribble of precum pooled at the tip. Johnathan slid his fingers over the moisture, lubricating his skin. His hand slid up and down effortlessly. Brushing his fingers across the bulbous head, Johnathan hissed in pleasure.

With each pump of his hand, Johnathan thought of Katie. First he thought of her eyes, shining at him from the picture. He gripped himself tighter as he thought of her lips and how much he wanted to taste them. His hand flew up and down as he mentally constructed her in his mind’s eyes until he thought of her voice again. The sound of her voice changing from an in-control business woman to a soft, willing babygirl sent him over the edge. The pressure built to a breaking point and just when he thought he couldn’t take one more second, he exploded. Hot jets of cum shot over his hand and down his pants.

With a bemused smile, Johnathan looked down at himself. He hoped he could get from his office to his bedroom without anyone seeing him. He didn’t feel like dealing with the boys or his sister and their knowing looks.  

Shoving his shaft back into his pants, Johnathan looked at the clock. In another hour, he would call Katie and ask her his big question. In the meantime, he needed to clean up and eat – in that order. His stomach wouldn’t let him wait much longer for food. Feeling much more relaxed, he ventured down the hallway, whistling to himself.

You know I had to have a little bit of male masturbation in there, right? There’s much more than that, but I will warn you – there’s an actual story here, too.

I’m taking my time releasing this book. Mostly because I want to do it the right way, but partly because I’m terrified. This book is my baby in a way that the other two weren’t. There were times when my fingers fairly flew across the keyboard as the story poured out of me. Other times, I struggled with a sentence or two for hours.

I hope you’re as excited as I am! I’m finishing up the last little bit of formatting and final read-through in the next few days, and hopefully, I’ll be sending out advanced copies for review, too.

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