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One of the Best Spankings I’ve Ever Had

One of the Best Spankings I've Ever Had

We’d both been irritable with each other for a few days. The stress of moving, of life, of not sleeping — whatever it was, it weighed on us. I’d been the worst one, though, lashing out for no real reason.

John Brownstone was understanding, but he didn’t like it. When I realized what was happening, I first felt ashamed of myself, and then I wanted an answer for why. It didn’t take long to figure it out.

“Daddy, I’m sorry for how I’ve spoken to you lately. I’ve not been my best self.”

“Thank you for that, babygirl. And yes, I’ve noticed.”

“I think I know what the problem is.” He gave me a quizzical look. “It’s been a while since we’ve been our kinky selves.”


“So I have just one question for you…” He looked over at me again. “When are you gonna hit me?”

“Today is good!”

That’s how we planned our first spanking scene in a few weeks, and the first one at home in I-don’t-know-how-long. We finished our errands with a renewed sense of purpose. I didn’t procrastinate on the work I needed to do. We knew what kind of time we had and what had to be done if we were going to get time for kinky fuckery.

When it was time, we headed for the bedroom, barely speaking, not really needing to.

I wish I could tell you that I knelt at his feet, waiting on his command, submitting to his whim. That I did a sensuous dance of passion and lust as I removed my clothes and assumed the position he demanded of me.

I guess I could tell you that, but it would be a damn lie. So what did I really do?

Made silly sing-song sounds as I whipped my clothes off, threw them across the room, and then did what can only be called a white girl dance of joy as I waited for whatever was going to happen. There were arm movements and goofy grins, weird made-up songs with words I don’t remember, and (possibly) a bit of bouncing and jumping with excitement.

Yep, that’s me, a submissive seductress.

He had on his best Dominant voice and the evil gleam in his eyes that tells me this is going to hurt, but that I’m going to love it. While I was jumping, prancing, and singing, he’d gotten the bed ready. A paddle (my favorite from Lodbrock), a flogger (nothing too heavy but very sensual), and our newest toy, the ElectraStim AXIS and electro paddle (Watch the review here!). The position of the pillows let me know this would be an over-the-knee experience. Yayayayayayay! More prancing, dancing, and singing.

He sat on the bed and patted the cover.

“Come on up, babygirl.”

Did I languidly roll my body over his legs, draping myself across his body in an erotic way?

Don’t be silly. Have you been paying attention? I hopped up on the bed and threw myself over his lap, wiggling my butt the entire time.


The first one always has to be one you feel down to your bones. I know how this goes, and John Brownstone never disappoints.

He managed the flogger and then the Lodbrock paddle as I shifted and twisted, alternating between lying flat across his legs and pushing myself to my knees to take pressure off my stomach. (Pro tip: don’t eat a heavy lunch before a spanking scene.)

Our new pattern of kinky fuckery has become less Dominant and submissive and much more playful Daddy Dom and babygirl. We laughed and teased. I’m sure his favorite thing to do is hit harder with each subsequent smack before asking, “Do you really want more?” while I (filled with too much bravado) challenge him until squealing I’ve had enough. Which, of course, means he’s only getting started.

It was delightful. Perfect in its own painful way.

He teased and tortured in equal measure before laying into my ass with all the pain and impact I really crave. Yes, as a sadist, he wants me to suffer, but he also wants to see me melt into the bed and hear me sigh with pleasure even as he pulls his arm further back to create an impact that might make me scream.

And scream I did.

But not until he changed things up.

“Get up, babygirl. Let’s change positions.”

Before I moved, I would have told you I was fine. Yes, my ass was on fire, but I love the thud of the Lodbrock paddle and that specific flogger. All it had done was relax me, I was sure of it.

Except I couldn’t keep my eyes open or stand up straight.

I plopped across the bed and heard an unfamiliar boop-beep-boop of a new toy being fired up — the ElectraStim (think TENS unit on steroids). I knew what was coming, and I couldn’t wait. Wiggling and giggling followed.

“Don’t forget the lube, Daddy. Use lots of it!”

He fiddled with lube (on my red, freshly spanked ass — necessary for this kind of electric play). He fiddled with the dials, buttons, and knobs. And then, he picked up the new electro paddle. One designed to do more than make an impact — it conducts the electricity over a freshly spanked bottom.

Kayla Lords naked bent over the bed with ElectraStim AXIS and paddle next to her

I won’t lie. The smacks from this thing were evil, excruciating, and everything I hate about stinging pain. But then he turned on the buzzing electricity. And I melted into the bed.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that feels good!”

Once he found the right level, I couldn’t form coherent words. All I could do was beg for him to hurry up and hit me again. Even though I hated every smack and sting, rolling from side to side on the bed to avoid it, begging and pleading for it to be over, I adored every second of the electric pulse rumbling through my flesh.

The only way I know to describe it is to say it was like using my deepest, heaviest vibrator but from the opposite side. I promise I felt the electricity pulsing through the paddle all the way into my cunt. It didn’t make me want to orgasm. It just made me want more. This takes my love of thuddy sensation to a different level.

Even as I screeched that I couldn’t take the sting of the paddle, John Brownstone dished it out because he knew it was the only way to give me the electric tingles (which is much too simple of a word for what I experienced) that I now craved.

When he was done, I was barely coherent and my ass was on fire. Now, he was ready to fuck, but the buzzing of the ElectraStim AXIS and paddle had only fueled my need for more buzzing. As he lubed up (even though my cunt was completely soaked from the spanking), I grabbed my vibrator. If I couldn’t have the buzz on my ass, I’d let my clit enjoy it.

He fucked me as I clenched around him. Over and over again. Sweat covered our skin. Lube from my butt and cunt stained the cover. His hands roamed my body, finding every delicate place to pinch and tug and hurt. I screamed with each vibrator-inducing orgasm and each stinging pain he forced from my body.

Until, at least, with a giant groan of his own, he arched his back, pushed his cock as deep as it would go, and found his own release.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! While this reads like a typical sex toy review (thank you, ElectraStim), I’m not writing it that way. There’s so much to say about the AXIS and paddle that it’s getting it’s own post (check it out here). But yes, this may be my new favorite spanking scene between us. For good reason.

If you need more smut (and of course you do), you know where to go. And even if you don’t, click the button below anyway because it’s Masturbation Month which means I’m giving away sex toys for Masturbation Monday. Click it!!

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