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The Visitor, Part 3

This is it. The final installment. Here’s part 1 and part 2.


She hears the eagerness in the visitor’s voice, and her pussy throbs. She knows what He really wants tonight. While she’s ready to please Him, she feels nervous.

The visitor’s eyes roam her body, taking in her firm breasts, dark nipples, and smooth pussy. He wants to fuck this woman hard. He wants to make her scream.

Sir watches both of them, smiling to Himself. He can feel His slut’s nervousness rolling off of her in waves. But He knows she’ll do anything to please Him. He likes that the visitor is turned on by His slut.

“I told you earlier how I want this to end,” He says calmly. “How you get there is up to you.”

The visitor nervously licks his lips. The reality of fucking someone’s woman in front of them makes him anxious all of a sudden.

After watching the visitor for a few moments, He takes pity on him.

“Let me get you started. Slut, show us my pussy,” He growls.

She languidly rolls up into a seated position, eyes downcast. Scooting to the end of the bed until her ass touches the edge, she lays back. She pulls her knees up, spreads her legs apart, and opens her pussy with both hands. Her scent permeates the room. The glistening shine of her arousal can be seen by both men. She lays there, silent and waiting.

The visitor approaches the edge of the bed and looks down at her. His cock throbs with need. His mouth waters at what’s being offered. He leans down and inhales deeply. ย He reaches out with one finger and lightly strokes her wetness.

She jumps slightly at the sensation. Emboldened by her reaction, the visitor strokes her pussy more firmly, spreading her juices over her cunt. She tries to contain her whimpers of pleasure, but small noises escape her throat.

“Pet, don’t hold back. Enjoy this,” He says quietly.

With permission granted, she begins to pant heavily with each stroke of the visitor’s fingers against her pussy. He inserts two fingers and fucks her gently. Moaning, she closes her eyes.

She feels the visitor gently lick her clit, and her eyes open in shock.

“Ooohhhhh,” she sighs.

The visitor licks and sucks her clit while finger-fucking her pussy. Her hips begin to buck up and down, trying to match the rhythm of his fingers. Her hands continue to give the visitor access to her pussy.

As she begins to writhe back and forth on the bed, he impatiently moves her hands to the side and wraps his arms around her firm, pale thighs. The visitor spreads her wide and licks her cunt, periodically fucking her with his tongue. She mewls and cries out in pleasure. Her back arches off the bed with need.

The visitor can sense that’s she’s close to release. He nibbles and sucks on her clit as she screams and cries.

“Oh, God, oh God, please, please, oohhhhhhh,” she screams out as sensations pulse through her body.

“Look at me, slut,” His voice cuts through the room like a knife.

Her eyes flutter open, and she finds Him across the room, watching her. His gaze holds her. She is incapable of looking away.

The visitor inserts three fingers into her soaked pussy, finds her g-spot, and begins to tap that most sensitive spot, rapidly. He continues playing with her clit with his tongue and teeth.

“Ahhhhhh, oh oh, God, mmmmmmmm, please, aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screams as the orgasm rips through her body, her cum squirting and gushing into the visitor’s mouth. Her eyes stay locked with His.

The visitor continues licking her cunt, lapping up every drop of her wet orgasm. When he finishes, he sits back and smiles at her in satisfaction. Her body feels the aftershocks of her orgasm as her hips continue to buck and thrash. She smiles at Him. He nods to her, and she turns her head to look at the visitor.

“Thank you, Sir,” she says softly, a small smile dancing on her lips.

“Mmm, you’re welcome,” he replies. “You taste wonderful.”

She blushes and waits.

“Suck my cock again, slut,” he barks at her.

Mildly surprised at his change in demeanor, she slides off the bed and onto her knees. She realizes at that moment that he is naked and wonders how she failed to notice before.

She opens her mouth and begins to suck on the head of his cock, slowly licking down his hard shaft. He feels different from her Sir, but she likes it. She glides her tongue up and down his long cock before taking as much of him into her mouth as she can.

He loves the feeling of his dick in her hot, wet mouth. She’s so tight, just like a hot little pussy. Groaning, his head falls back in pleasure as she sucks his cock, moving up and down his length. Remembering how she felt earlier in the evening, he grabs her hair and begins to roughly fuck her mouth, causing her to gag on his cock. He thrusts in and out, harder and harder, reveling in the tears that stream down her face.

Before he can cum, the visitor yanks his cock out of her mouth and pushes her on her knees, turning her until she’s in front of her Sir.

She looks up at Him expectantly.

“Suck my cock, slut,” He growls deeply.

Sitting up slightly, she pulls down His zipper and reaches for His hard cock. She smiles in eagerness. This is the cock she wants to feel in her mouth. This is the pleasure she yearns to give.

As she leans towards Him, she feels hands on her hips, forcing her back. She spreads her knees apart and arches her back. Her hands fall to the floor in front of her for support.

The moment her mouth touches His cock, she feels the visitor slam into her pussy. She squeals around His cock.

“Mmmmm, I like that. Make her do it again,” He says.

The visitor pumps into her harder. She screams around His cock.

Her mind and body cannot follow all the sensations as they happen at once. She tastes His precum in her mouth, feeling the silky smoothness of His steely cock in her mouth. She bobs up and down on His cock, keeping her mouth soft and open like a pussy for His pleasure.ย She feels the visitor lock his hands around her hips, fucking her from behind. His cock hits her g-spot over and over again. Her juices flow down her thighs as the visitor fucks her harder and harder.

By unspoken consent, the two men find a rhythm as they use her. Sir grabs her hair and begins to thrust into her mouth in time with the visitor’s hard thrusts into her soaking cunt. Faster and faster they begin to pump into her as she is pinned between them. The visitor smacks her flank with every drive into her cunt. She is pure sensation as her ass burns, her throat burns, tears course down her cheeks, and her pussy throbs. She has no idea how long they fuck her between them.

She hears His familiar growls and knows He is close to cumming. The visitor increases the speed of his rough fucking. Both men thrust into her holes one final time, and she is filled with their cum. She eagerly swallows every drop of His seed, tears streaming down her face. The visitor spanks her ass one final time and withdraws from her swollen pussy. As the men pull away from her, she falls to the floor thoroughly used, the visitor’s cum seeping down her thighs.

She hears the men begin to talk quietly but cannot follow what they’re saying. The endorphins and other chemicals course through her body, sending her somewhere else.

“Is she ok, man?” asks the visitor.

Sir looks over at her prone body. He sees the glassy look in her eyes and smiles.

“She’s in subspace, exactly where she wants to be. She’ll be fine,” He says calmly.

“Well, um, I guess I better be going,” says the visitor awkwardly. “That was, whoa, fuck man, that was amazing. What are you going to do now?”

“I’ll take care of my pet, of course.”

After the visitor leaves, He leans down and whispers to His pretty pet, “Good girl.”

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