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Not sure how it took 80 plus Loving BDSM podcast episodes for me to look at John Brownstone and say, “Ya know, we should talk about long-distance relationships.” It should have been obvious – we made one work for us and survived the hard times. Hell, we moved in together and are engaged to be married (October 28, 2017, in case you wondered). So yeah, this episode is a little overdue.

We didn’t mean to make episode 83 a two-part show. We genuinely thought we could talk about long-distance relationships in about an hour. Cue hysterical laughter. The first part focused on meeting someone and figuring out if there was something there to build a relationship with – good info for kinky or vanilla, long-distance or in person. This week (episode 84), though, we finally answer the question – now what? You’ve found your partner. You think it can work. Now, what do you do? Well, after 18 months in our own long-distance relationship before moving in together, we’ve got a few ideas..

From the show:

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  • You’ve found each other and decided this might be real. Now what?
  • Look for and set up rituals, tasks, and things that aren’t sexual for your relationship
  • Let’s talk kinky fuckery in your long-distance relationship.
  • Be safe in the first meeting.
  • Making time and plans for visits is extremely important.
  • Set a routine for your communication and stick to it – yes, we said this last episode, but it’s important so we’re repeating it
  • How do you take it from a long-distance thing to an in real life thing?

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