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My Mind Was Ready, But My Body Wasn’t #LubeReview

My Mind Was Ready, But My Body Wasn't

Post updated: 5/31/2017

He woke up while it was still dark. I felt the bed shift and creak as he rolled over and stood up. I heard the door open and shut. I snuggled down further into the blankets, grateful this was a day I didn’t have to wake up early.

I usually have weird dreams when I wake up and fall back asleep in the morning. Disturbing images. Wild tales. I’ve woken up in a cold sweat from them. This wasn’t much different, except the “nightmare” hit every anxiety I’ve got – my own personal failure. It felt so real – even though I can’t imagine ever leaving a store parking lot in a helicopter. When I woke up, I trembled from the very real anxiety and fear coursing through my body. My stomach quavered. Nausea clawed at the back of my throat.

He’d crept quietly back in. I was awake when he laid down beside me but I didn’t curl into him like I normally do. Instead, I scrunched into a ball and willed myself to calm down.

“I had a bad dream, Daddy.”

He rubbed my butt. Not in a sexually suggestive way. A comforting, gentle, warm rub. It worked. I relaxed and leaned against him.

Early morning on a day no one had to do much? I knew what was coming next. When his fingers made a path over my ass and in between my legs, I wasn’t surprised. His touch felt good. It wasn’t the aggressive grab of a sadist. Possessive, yes. Sure, definitely. We both knew what he wanted but he was slow and gentle.

He fingered my cunt, my body opening to his penetration. It was a preparation of what was coming. But instead of a familiar squelch of desire, I was dry as dust. Maybe a dry heat, but still not the wet, slippery passion we both knew would be necessary.

“Maybe it’s time to try the new lube.”

There was a time I felt bad suggesting lube when my body didn’t respond the way I thought it should. Those days are long gone. If we want to fuck, it’s often the quickest, easiest solution.

I heard fumbling. Plastic ripping. A squirt.

He rolled back over, the bed sinking under his weight. What should have been a smooth entry was a comedy of slipping and sliding, his cock rubbing against my slit, my ass, and in between my thighs before finally…

“Yes!” We both groaned in relief and desire.

“Did you put too much on?”

He chuckled. “I think so.”

After that, it didn’t matter. We were spooned against each other. His warmth seeped into my body as surely as his cock thrust into my cunt. He held my head back, with my throat in his palm, while he roamed between pinching my nipple, gripping my hip, and slapping my face with the other.

I always love this position. Not just for the intimacy of it, but because he has freedom of movement – rough or gentle. His hands are everywhere at once, creating pain, gentling my body, or holding me still.

Three sharp smacks to the cheek, and I saw red as my eyes rolled back in my head. Two hands around my throat, holding my head back made my eyes fly open as I breathed shallowly. A hand on my hip, fingers digging into soft flesh while he used my hair as reins.

By the time he came, groaning into his own pillow, I was lost to pain, pleasure, and control. Right where I needed to be – in body and mind.

About ONE Oasis Silk

Oasis Silk ReviewThank God for lube – just because the head and heart are willing doesn’t always mean the body will follow. I know why it happened. It was another hour, even after we fucked, before I shook off the realness of my dreams.

I’m not going to pretend we have a favorite lube to use (we won’t name them here, but it’s not hard to figure out). So when ONE Condoms asked if we would try their new Oasis Silk lubricant, it felt like I was cheating on my lube boyfriend. But in the interest of science (and by science, I mean having more reasons to fuck), we were both willing.

John Brownstone was really the one trying it – it covered his cock. He was happy to report that it’s thick and creamy and didn’t glop on cold and slimy like some lubes do. He did use too much, and it was weirdly funny the way his cock slipped and slid over my body. It didn’t help that I wasn’t exactly “ready” for him, either.

Oasis Silk is a water-silicone hybrid and was extremely smooth against my pussy. It didn’t leave behind a big mess to clean up, either, which I liked. ONE says that it’s pH balanced to keep your pussy happy. My cunt isn’t exactly sensitive so those aren’t things I worry about, but if yours is, it’s good to know.

Update from ONE Condom: Because Oasis Silk uses high quality ingredients, like medical grade silicone, we’ve actually found that you can use it with silicone-based sex toys. Cheaper, industrial versions of silicone have the potential to degrade other forms of silicone. On the other hand, higher-quality, medical-grade silicone is safe to use with all types of sex toys. We only use the high quality versions in our lubes. Our partners at A Woman’s Touch Sexuality Resource Center tested ONE Oasis Silk on several silicone sex toys, including soft silicone cock rings, firm silicone dildos, and VixSkin dual density silicone toys. In that testing, there were no negative effects.

As a hybrid lube, you’ll want to keep it away from your silicone toys and latex condoms, but otherwise, you should be good to go with almost any other kinky fuckery. I’m ready to use it with a ceramic dildo I got from an Eroticon vendor in March. Rawr!

Does it replace our personal fave? No but it’s a damn good second. It’ll be a good one to use where the other lube wouldn’t work as well.

Want to know more or buy your own bottle? Check out Oasis Silk.

UPDATE! ONE Condoms is offering you a discount just for trying out Oasis Silk! Use code KaylaLords for 10% off your first Oasis Silk purchase!!

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