Every Damn Day in June 2019

The Evolution of a Spanking (NSFW Pictures)

Evolution of a Spanking (NSFW Pictures)

To get the results pictured above (bright red skin — not the shape or size), we follow a not-at-all strict formula.

Sometimes I pretend I don’t really want it. (These are the times when I haven’t specifically asked for him to spank my ass. And these days, I ask…a LOT).

naked Kayla Lords covering her butt

Usually with a false, “No, Daddy, no!” In our D/s, “no” isn’t a safeword so he knows I really mean, “YES GODDAMN IT! GIVE IT TO ME!” When he really wants to get this reaction, he pinches my butt (which I hate) or starts out with hard, sharp smacks instead of the deep, throbbing impact I prefer. It works like a charm.

Eventually the spanking commences. It might be his hand, a favorite paddle, the dreaded crop (though rare), a flogger, or something new and fun — like the ElectraStim paddle below. You can watch our review for it here.

naked Kayla Lords bent over the bed while John Brownstone uses ElectraStim paddle on her butt

When the beating is over, and I’m blissed out on endorphins, I beg for pictures. Or we fuck. Sometimes both, though never at the same time. Neither of us is coordinated enough for that.

Every spanking/paddling/beating ends the same way…

naked John Brownstone rubbing Kayla Lords bare butt

With butt rubs, of course.

This is only one path our spankings may take. The possibilities are infinite. Your mileage may vary.

Now, the question to be asked is…did I do this as an excuse to show off my naked ass (very likely) or because I was looking for an easy way to blog for Every Damn Day in June when no topic jumped out at me (also very likely)? The world may never know…

badge for every damn day in june blogging challenge


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