Masturbation Monday

Multiple Forms of Pleasure

two vibrators used for two masturbation sessions

If labia massage is a thing, I’ve never actually heard of it. But I know what it feels like…at least with the help of vibrators.

Maybe it’s because it had been so long since my last real orgasm or even time spent masturbating. Maybe the vibrations were just that good.

But for once, I wasn’t intent on hammering at my clit until I gushed and screamed. Dare I say, I was feeling patient with myself? (Yeah, it shocks me, too.)

Two nights in a row, two different vibrators, two different reasons for taking a moment or two for self pleasure. One result — deep sensations in my vulva. Better than a back rub. Better than sex. (Yep, I said it.)

Lying back against my pillows. Legs spread wide. Cunt open and waiting.

In this position, I’m both afraid of touching my clit and anticipating the first lightning bolts of pleasure. That’s not where I go first, of course. I always start in other places, warming myself up. But impatient babygirl that I am, I know where I’m going sooner rather than later.

Vibrator against labia is just part of the one-two step dance I have with myself. Usually. It lasts for a few moments, I feel a pang of pleasure, then I hit the main attraction, pouring all sensations against the most sensitive part of my body.

But not this time. The rumbles penetrated far more than skin deep. I felt this pleasure in every muscle, every nerve. No boredom from dull sensations. This was toe-curling, eye-rolling, and body-heaving.

I wanted to lie back and let the vibrator have its way with my labia. No penetration. No clitoral stimulation. Pure relaxation.

Of course, I wanted the big squishy orgasms, too. My newfound delight in labia massage can’t replace my long-time love of the fiery pleasure of vibrations against my clit. It was a nice interlude, a delight really. But in the end, I got exactly what I wanted.

Bone-crunching, muscle-clenching, toe-curling pleasure. In multiple ways.

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