Masturbation Monday

Masturbation from Two Points of View

an unmade bed with a laptop in it, but no masturbation
Thoughts I’ve had about masturbation:

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I wonder if I have time later to slip away? Maybe I’ll pull the vibrator out. Is it even charged? It’s probably not charged.

Mmmm, this [picture, story, post, etc] is so hot. Gawd, I could just imagine being in that moment.

My cunt is throbbing. I love that feeling. I’ve missed that feeling.

Oh look, there’s something else I need to do. What was I thinking about?

Hours later…

Oh, that’s right. I was going to masturbate. Or was I? I don’t think that vibrator I like is charged. Damn it. I should get up and find the cord.


Fuck, I forgot to plug it in. I could use my hands, I guess. But gawd, it feels so good to lie down in bed. Mmm, the blankets are so soft and warm. Let me just close my eyes for a moment. Maybe I’ll charge that toy tomorrow.

John Brownstone on masturbation:

I masturbated. I came. It was good.

I wish I were more like John Brownstone. As much as I enjoy a good orgasm and believe in the benefits of masturbation, I let all kinds of things get in the way. Sometimes it just feels like more effort than it’s worth. Maybe sometimes it is, but like most things that are good for us, if we take the time to do it, we find it was worth the effort.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! At least one of us is getting off, amiright? For actual smut, you know where to go.

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  • Oh I hear you – sometimes I start to think about it, it’s like foreplay and I have to go through with it and masturbate, but so many times I put it to one side til later. Often that ‘later’ doesn’t come for days and then I am sad cos I know I’ve missed out. Lets not do that!
    Great post Kayla x

  • Thank you for your post and a great blog.
    My comment is just to share my own experience in masturbating, and just express my surprise that woman’s masturbation has become such a great deal. An orgasm is one of my first memories, and I did it when I was about 3-4 y.o. I told my mom about that and she was definitely embarrassed. So I have learned I should not share with my parents such things. But I loved the experience and I used to do it frequently. At the age of 10 I was not able to get some sleep without 2-3 orgasms in a row. Always pillow humping. Now I am 45 and I can’t imagine my life without masturbating, it’s like eating or moving, it’s physiological. Even if I am married, and having loads of a good sex, masturbation relaxes me, allow to concentrate at work and be more efficient.
    And has nothing to do with love, my husband, my satisfaction or whatsoever.

    • There are definitely a lot of positives to masturbation, and I’m glad you discovered the naturalness of it at such a young age. I was 32 before I masturbated for the first time, so there’s a lot of other internal factors still to overcome, but masturbation is definitely worth the effort.

  • I completely relate on both sides! My partner just had a hysterectomy so on the occasions I remember to masturbate, she’s like, “I can’t wait until I’m allowed to again!” But on the other hand, when am I unstressed enough to actually do so? So seldom. (But it’s awesome when I do!)

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