Masturbation Monday

Recent Memories #MasturbationMonday

When I think about the things he does to me, I touch myself…

“Bend over the bed, girl.”

Of course I did. Quickly. Without hesitation. I knew it would hurt. I wanted it to.


Each blow landed in a different spot on my ass, harder than the one before. I squeaked and flinched and then sighed and sank into the bed. Don’t stop. Keep going. Make it burn. Make it hurt.

And he did.

“Roll over. Get over here.”

When did he walk to the other side of the bed? How did I miss that?

I moved too slowly for him. He grabbed my ankles, flipped me over onto my back, and pulled me close. My ass hung on the edge of the bed. He pushed my legs apart and back. I knew what he planned but I’m never prepared for it.

His tongue flicked against my clit, lapped down my slit, and sank deep into my cunt. I writhed and screamed. My hips bucked forward. I grabbed his head and pushed him deeper. More. Give me more.

And he did.

I had countless small, shuddery, wet orgasms, and he drank them all down.

“Move that ass over.”

He was going to fuck me. Finally! I couldn’t move fast enough. I assumed our favored position, my back arched, pussy dripping and waiting.

The bed dipped under his weight. The hairs on his chest tickled my back. His fingers snaked through my hair. He pulled my head back as his cock thrust deep. I squealed and clenched the pillow until my knuckles were white.

“Do you hear that?”

I did. Already so wet and satisfied, my pussy squelched with every movement. We barely breathed as we listened to the soundtrack of our fucking.

He raked his nails down my back. He reached around to cruelly pinch my nipples. He smacked my cheek. I went limp next to him, a receptacle for his pleasure. Each painful touch sent shivers down my spine and caused my cunt to grip him even tighter.

When he came, and I’d begun to wonder if ever he would, his body arched back, his leg shook, and he let out a long, low groan before collapsing against me.

We would wake up a scant few hours later, walking zombies in search of coffee, barely able to say a word but when we both thought about it and shared a secret smile, he leaned over and whispered, “It was worth it.”

Much later, when I touch myself and remember with my mind and my body, I have to agree.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! I don’t always need a fantasy to get me in the mood for some self-love. Recent memories do just fine! Make sure to check out the rest of this week’s lovely smut, and see if anything catches your, ah, imagination. 

Masturbation Monday


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