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Sex Before Coffee

nothing happens before coffee except sex

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Around here, nothing happens before coffee. Not for John Brownstone, at least. Don’t talk to him, don’t look at him, and certainly don’t ask complex questions. It took me several months to stop chattering first thing in the morning.

No, I’m not a morning person. Twelve years of parenting teaches you how to function on no sleep so yes, I can hold a conversation before coffee and before the sun rises.

He can’t.

Nothing happens before that first slurpy sip of steaming hot coffee.

Except, of course, for sex…

The alarm bleeped and blared into my consciousness, interrupting a fascinating dream that I desperately wanted to fall back into. I snuggled deeper against the pillow and under the covers, leaning back into his warmth.

Other than the arm draped over my waist, I didn’t think he was actually awake. When I couldn’t go back to sleep, I scrolled through my phone, reading anxiety-inducing national political news at 5:30 a.m. (’cause that’s healthy). He snuggled closer.

Awww, isn’t this sweet, us snuggling before getting up?

Then I felt a familiar nudge, a twitch. I still wasn’t sure if he was awake but some part of him was definitely up. His cock thickened and lengthened while nestled against my ass.

And then, he was gone. A cold draft of air replaced his warm body.

Whaaa? Ohhhhh…

A familiar rustling came from his side of the bed, a fumbling through the nightstand drawer on his side. I heard the crack of the cap and a small sucking sound as he dipped his cock in the lube.

By the time he’d rolled over, I’d put my phone down, arched my back, and pushed my hips out, ready and willing. He slid in with almost no resistance. I would never want dry sex with no lube, but the moment he pushes in before my body is warmed up does something to both my submissive and masochist side. Plus, it just feels fucking good.

We didn’t speak. We barely grunted.

It was a quiet but down and dirty fuck…and all before coffee.

When I saw that this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt was coffee, I wondered what I could say (other than coffee is our love language). But the universe (and the man with the cock) provide when you least expect it. 

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