I Love Wearing His Shirt

I love wearing his shirt

“Well, hello.”

I’d stumbled out of bed, thrown on the first shirt I found, and walked into the kitchen to help make lunches for the kids. The first shirt was his shirt. With only one button done in the middle. My ass hung out, and my cunt was exposed. I looked less like a tired mom and more like a debauched slut, and I was okay with that.

Later, as I closed in for my morning hug, he reached out for that one lone button. I danced back, and we played as if he wouldn’t eventually win. As he buried his face between warm, soft tits, his hand snaked up, and grabbed the shirt. I pretended to want to get away.

With a quick snap of his fingers, his shirt opened.

“There, that’s better. And how it should have been all along.”

Well, I can’t argue with him there. But he missed the best view a few minutes later…

my round boob in his shirt

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  • Wearing my Sir’s shirts is one of the highlights of my day…and I know he enjoys it as well. I need to start cooking breakfast in them 🙂 thanks for the idea. I enjoy your writing so much!

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