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I Came…

I came…

In the night, His hand slipped into my cunt.  My ass jutted out, my back arched, and with a few strokes, I came in His hand.  A moment later, His hand worked my clit again, roughly. Panting and grunting, I came a second time.  He pulled me closer and took me from behind.  He fucked and used me until I heard,

“You’re my fucking dirty bitch, aren’t you, whore?”

He pushed deeper into my body, cumming hard. My eyes never opened. I sighed contentedly, curled into His arms, and fell back asleep.

I came…

Laying in the middle of His bed, I could still feel the earlier sting of the paddle as I nestled between the pillows. He handed me a vibrator.

“Play with yourself for a moment, pet.”

As He walked away, I heard, “G-spot, pet.”

I pumped, harder and faster, hitting my g-spot over and over again. I felt the orgasm rising. I pulled the vibrator out and rubbed it against my clit. Hot cum poured out of my body.

I came…

Kneeling on the edge of the bed, ass up and head down, He worked my ass and my pussy, stretching both to their limits. First, He pushed my cunt further than ever before, attempting to fist me. Later, for the first time, I felt no pain in my ass, as He worked fingers and dildos.

When he was satisfied with His handiwork (hehe), he finger fucked me and reached to touch my clit.  I squirted so hard I splashed my thighs. Warm cum pooled on the towel underneath me and ran down my thighs.

He chuckled.

I came…

Spent and satisfied, we laid in the bed together, cuddled up, watching a movie. He allowed me to stroke His back and arms as He relaxed.

“Suck my cock, slut.”

My hot mouth enveloped Him, sucking and licking. I smiled to myself, happy to be of service after so many orgasms and bruises earlier in the evening.  Soon, I felt His hands on my head, guiding me as He fucked my mouth. Still learning the proper technique, I alternated between the perfect cunt-like mouth and grazing my teeth on His shaft.

Over and over, He pounded my mouth. I gloried in the feel of His cock against my tongue, hitting the back of my throat.

“Fuck, you’re such a dirty little fucking whore. Swallow every fucking drop.”

His seed poured down my throat until the last thrust choked me. He held my head in place until He finished. Never raising my eyes from His cock, I began licking up the drops that fell as I choked. After thoroughly cleaning Him and tasting every drop of Him, He pulled me up to His chest.

On my knees, with my head on His chest, I felt him reach down and lightly touch my clit. At that one light touch, I squirted onto the bed.

“Pet, I barely touched you.”

“Mmmm, yes, Sir, but having my mouth fucked by you really turned me on.”

He looked down at my side of the bed and laughed. “Now you have a wet spot to sleep in, pet.”

“Just like I like it, Sir.”

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