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The Safeword

We have a safeword. I hate the safeword. Using it protects me, I get it. Using it also means I can”t take anymore of what He gives – I hate that. I used it three times…

I watched in fascination as He attached my cuffed wrists.

“Put your hands flat against the wall. Don’t move them.  Get your ass out, now.”

I stepped into position, waiting. I knew what was coming, and while I wanted it badly, I shook with trepidation.  This night, we began with the heavy paddle.


I shrieked in pain, my body falling further forward.

“Stand up. Do. Not. Move.”

I willed my knees to hold me.


One side of my ass screamed in blistering pain. I thanked Him for each excruciating one.


Unrelenting, the paddle and the pain became the center of my universe.


Searing pain ripped through my body. I began to lose the ability to hold myself in position. My knees became weak.

“You have a safe word, you know. There’s no shame in using it.” One arm held me up, as I began to fall forward.


“Red…red, red, redredredred,” I sobbed.

He stood me up and wrapped His arms around me. He held me there for a moment before ushering me to the bed. Wrapped in a blanket and nestled in His arms, I began to calm down a little.

“Don’t do that again. If I hadn’t been watching you and seen your body change its reaction, I wouldn’t have known to stop. You have to use the safe word, ok, pet?”

I nodded my head into his chest. “Yes, Sir,” I whispered.

Once I calmed down, the games began again…


Head down and ass up, I perched on the edge of the bed, waiting for Him to begin again. I felt smooth leather stroke my red ass. I shivered.

SMACK! “Thank you, Sir!” SMACK! SMACK!

I struggled to thank Him properly. The assault on my ass came too swiftly.

“Thank you, Sir. Thank you, Sir. Thank you Sir thank you Sir. ThankyouSirthankyouSirthankyouSir.”

My face pressed into the bed, sweat and slobber mixed as I thanked Him over and over again.

He promised marks from this night together. Unrelenting, He paddled one cheek and then another. The pain began to burn. I felt myself lose my desire; my pussy stopped dripping. I could take no more.


“Good girl.” His hands soothed my hot ass. I maintained my position but loosened my white-knuckle grip on the blankets.


I have not moved from my position on the bed. I feel the breeze from the fan on my soaked pussy and ass. Spanking, paddling, and flogging now over, it was time to be stretched.

He purchased a new toy for His growing collection that night. A 12 inch dildo, massive, meant to fill me completely.

I jumped a little as the cold lube hit my cunt. I felt His fingers and hands, working my body. I gripped the sheet, closed my eyes, and lost myself in sensations.

Totally relaxed, I did not balk at the feeling of such a massive dildo sliding into my waiting cunt. Slowly, He began to fuck me with it. Groans and grunts began to escape my lips. I reveled in being fucked and used, filled and stretched.

Deeper and deeper it went. Harder and harder, He fucked me with it. Until it went too deep.

“Oh shit, red, Sir, please, red.”

“Yes, pet. What’s wrong? Are you ok?”

“I feel like I’m being punched in the gut from the inside, Sir. It’s no longer enjoyable.”

He set the toy to the side. Within moments, He began to play with my ass…

Later, I asked Him how deep it had gone in.

“Almost all the way, pet.”

“Wow!” I felt perversely proud.


He stretched my limits that night, and I love Him for it. I can only hope that next time, He pushes me even further.

About the author

Kayla Lords

I am a sex blogger, podcaster, freelance writer, international speaker, kink educator, and all-around kinky woman. You can find me online sharing my innermost sexual thoughts and experiences, teaching other bloggers how to make money writing about sex, and helping kinksters have happy healthy BDSM relationships. I'm also a masochistic babygirl submissive with an amazing and sadistic Daddy Dom and business partner, John Brownstone. Welcome to my kinky corner of the internet!


  • I like that you can be honest with him and he does not accuse you of topping from the bottom. I hate speaking up. It happens though.

    • He would have been pissed if I hadn’t used the safeword…if not for Him, I wouldn’t have the first time…it’s definitely not topping from the bottom. I had no control over what happened next, only that what was happening in that moment STOPPED…

  • A post-comment appears to be the means of any contact. so advising that. .you will see a flood of ‘likes’ all from today & yesterday, not clicked when the entries were actually read, being new to WP.

    I can’t tell you how much in tune I am with your thoughts & feelings, the experiences– as a new sub with her first glorious Dom.. , . . a mirror to my own ! You are so lucky to have found a Good One. . there are many calling themselves Doms who have no business whatsoever doing so.
    . .
    I understand and feel your immersion and joy. I have to admit I am a little “jealous”, being Dom-less now. {things change.}.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read even the older posts…

      The more I learn, the more I realize just how lucky I am…and while nothing is set in stone, and the future is never known, I hope that He is with me for a very long time…

      And feel free to email me anytime: [email protected]. 🙂

      • I hope so too! But keep aware in your bliss-don’t put up with any nonsense like lying or disrespect of you as a person.
        Really, I am so happy for you and ‘with you’ in this !

        • I’ve had my radar out for that and He has been nothing but respectful. He actually gets very upset when He thinks I’m being disrespected by someone else. And I’ve allowed the D/s to mingle into everyday life in some instances because I know what He’s demanding really is for the best – because He hates the idea of anyone treating me worse than they should…it’s a heady feeling after never having experienced anything like it before…

          • Girl, you are SO lucky, I’ll say again.
            But I don’t believe it is just ‘luck,’, merging paths with him..he is who & what is supposed to be happening for you now., don’t you think ?. ..good karma came your way..
            Being Domless,, I really miss it all, the Dom, the submission, the ways I’d feel his presense always, when apart…and of course the restraints, etc etc hahah.

      • I am reading all of this in 2019 after binge listening to your podcasts and reading both yours and SouthernSir’s blogs. The old and the new. You both have grown over the years it is a joy to hear and read. I am so happy for you two and so happy for the 2012 Kayla who found love and her DaddyDom.

        • Thank you so much! And yes, we have definitely grown. Hopefully it shows that growth and change is possible and what people thought would be “forever” (good or bad) can become something new. 🙂

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