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No #ShamelessPromotion…But An Announcement Instead

I could have shamelessly promoted myself today, but sometimes even I get tired of that – so I imagine you do, too. This week was pretty quiet on the book/blog front from other people I know. So today, instead of a shameless promotion, an announcement instead.

I’m announcing this because the moment I do, it means I’m committed to it…

I’m working on a project with a fellow blogger that will, ultimately, end with a published e-book of short stories. If you don’t know him, Southern Sir is a Dominant with a great imagination and good sense. He talks about the lifestyle in his blog, and when the fancy strikes, he writes a bit of fiction.

Southern Sir and I are very good friends, and he’s been incredibly supportive of me as I’ve entered the writing and self-publishing world. He doesn’t consider himself a writer and would probably let his stories languish – but I won’t let that happen.

Over the next several weeks, we’re going to work together to flesh out, edit, and polish his stories together. He has graciously allowed me to add my own touches. Once we’re done, we’ll publish it as one anthology (if that’s the word I want) and let you know about it! As we go along in the process, I’ll keep you posted, I promise!

If you don’t know Southern Sir, take a moment and get to know him…

Southern Sir on WordPress

Southern Sir on Tumblr

Southern Sir on Twitter

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