Masturbation Monday

Ache For Me #MasturbationMonday

That’s it. Touch yourself for me, girl.

You like that, don’t you?

Bare skin against the sheets. Ass in the air, practically begging to be touched. Or maybe what you really want is the sting of my palm as it strikes your flesh?

I wouldn’t mind that, either. The way your ass moves when it’s been hit, jiggling and swaying back and forth. It’s almost hypnotic.

But no, that will have to wait.

First, I want to watch you writhe for me.

That’s it.

You want to what? Did I say you’d be allowed to come for me? No, I don’t think so.

Today, I want you to burn and ache. I want your body to catch fire and smolder for the rest of the day.

While you’re at work, talking so sweetly to men in three piece suits who only wish they could see your tight ass and perky tits, I want you to know exactly who owns you.

Who do you belong to, girl? Hmmm? Let me hear you say it.

Awwww, is it hard to talk with need and desire surging through your body like that? I bet you’d like to come, woudn’t you?

The more you beg, the more I love it…and the longer you’ll wait. I mean for you to suffer for me today. I want the scent of desire to cling to you like a perfume today. No one else will know what they sense about you, but they’ll want you. Men and women both.

When you catch them staring, leaning closer, your nipples will tighten. No bra for you today. I want your body to betray you, prove to the rest of the world what I already know. No panties, either. Let your desire dribble down your leg. Let the smell of your sex swirl around you so that you can’t escape it.

You’re a brazen wanton. You’re balancing on the head of pin, ready to spread your thighs for a cock, a mouth, a single finger. Anything that might promise relief from this deep ache you’re feeling.

You are feeling it, aren’t you?

Have I ever told you how much I adore your tears? That’s it, girl, cry and beg. Keep stroking your clit for me.

Hold up those fingers. Let me see just how wet you are.

Such a good girl. Clean yourself off and get ready for work. That’s a good girl. I know, it’s hard to walk and think isn’t it? You’re distracted by the burning in your body, aren’t you?

Good. That’s exactly where I want you.

Have a good day, sweet girl.

I’ll see you in the office in a little while. We have a two o’clock meeting for more of the same. Wouldn’t want that ache to dull, would we?

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! I can hear his voice in my head – whoever he is, he’s a total sadist and I love that about him! Okay, are you worked up, at least a little? I hope so! If you need more (and who doesn’t need more?!) go check out the rest of the smut for this week. You won’t be disappointed.

Masturbation Monday


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