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Invited for Dinner


How about a sneak peek at the newest set of adventures for Sir and Babygirl? It’s unedited, and the bulk of the work won’t begin until mid-June. I hope you enjoy this little snippet as much as I enjoy writing their adventures! And if you haven’t gotten your copy of the first set of adventures, scroll to the bottom!

“Babygirl, I have a surprise for you tonight. I want you over for dinner.” She shivered at the tone in Sir’s voice – deep, velvety smooth, and filled with promise. “Check your email for instructions.”

“Ohhhh, dinner? Will there be dessert?” Her voice filled with a playful sensuousness. Sir smiled, knowing Babygirl couldn’t help herself sometimes.

“We shall see, Babygirl. We shall see.” Sir gave nothing away in his answer, but Babygirl shivered and trembled in anticipation regardless. “I will see you tonight, my sweetheart. Don’t be late.”

Babygirl put her phone down and looked at her laptop. Sure enough, a new email message waited for her. She quivered a bit in her seat, not unlike an excited puppy. Or, she thought, a bit like Olivia just before dessert.

She thought about Olivia and Sir together and smiled, the unread message temporarily forgotten. Ever since that day at the park when Sir had fixed Olivia’s boo-boo with a purple bandage, the little girl doted on him. She cried when he left and pestered her mother until he came back again. Babygirl shook her head and smiled. So much fear before Sir met Olivia – all of it groundless.

Babygirl pushed away the memory of her fear. Spending the weekend with her grandmother, Olivia should have been the last thing on Babygirl’s mind. Especially when there was a very important email to read.

She opened the email and began to read and squirm.

Dearest Babygirl,
Tonight, you will arrive at my door wearing the black thighs and black garter belt you purchased last month. Make sure to wear the black heels you know I like. And that’s it. Wear your blue coat to cover yourself.

I intend for this to be a special night for both of us.

All my love,

Nothing but thigh highs and heels? What could he have planned? Babygirl blushed. She had an idea of what he planned, but what about dinner? She re-read the email, hoping Sir had left some hint.

She couldn’t imagine what he could possibly plan to make the night more special than they already were when the two of them were together. Babygirl sighed as she thought about a recent spanking Sir had given her. He’d used a large flogger with suede strands and his hand. By the time he’d finished, her bottom was cherry red and tears streamed down her face. He’d held her while she sobbed. Not understanding where the tears came from, she had to admit that she’d felt lighter and less stressed than she had in a long time. Sir didn’t even take her that night, only holding her while she cried and then slept. To Babygirl, that night was beautiful beyond belief. Although, she wasn’t quite sure what Sir received in return.

Get a grip, Babygirl. Sir won’t like it if you’re late. Shaking herself out of her reverie, Babygirl closed her laptop and stood up, her joints popping and cracking the whole way up. Rocking her head back and forth, she kneaded her neck. Walking down the hall to take a shower, Babygirl hoped whatever Sir had planned would knock the stress out of her body.

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