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A Kiss #MasturbationMonday

A kiss is never just a kiss for me. Whether on the giving or receiving end, kisses are much more…

It’s the quick peck on the lips to say, “Goodbye for a little while.”

The passing kiss on the cheek walking from the living room to the kitchen – a small reminder of affection.

A kiss on the nose, the earlobe, the chin because we’re goofy, silly, and playful.

The open-mouth, laving tongue over sensitive skin that conveys want and need – and the pleasure of causing goosebumps.

Grabbing my hair, holding me still, and exploring the dark, hot recesses of my mouth – because he wants to and he can.

Pulling my head back, diving into my mouth until my legs part, my breath hitches, and I’m a gooey mess at my laptop – so I’ll be thinking about him while he drives to work.

Sweet kisses along spines and shoulders to feel close.

Slow, languorous kisses because we have all the time in the world while we’re naked in bed, cocooned in our private haven.

Mouth on clit and lips, tongue parting slit, drinking in desire, creating lustful havoc, and driving me to the brink of insanity.

And lips and tongue on cock and balls, sucking, nibbling, and licking until he comes thisclose to losing his steely control.

But there’s more to kisses than mouths on bodies…

The sweet sting of pain has hand meets flesh.

The sharp tang of leather on skin, incessant and determined to leave it’s mark.

The burning of hot, pink skin, tender and sore.

No, a kiss is never just a kiss. It tells a story, shares an emotion, and conveys desire. And when done right, make me melt right into the ground beneath me.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! You’re right, there was no masturbation or even orgasm in today’s post, but I’ve been kissed in such a way that I’ve wanted to climax. (Rawr!) Okay, ya kinky freaks, go check out this week’s Masturbation Monday for hot posts by other bloggers! It’s well worth it.

Masturbation Monday



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