Masturbation Monday

Masturbation Monday Fail

Today is supposed to be my first ode to Masturbation Monday, and I’m too tired to think straight let alone sprinkle some magic dust on my words and get everyone all hot bothered. Now you know my secret – magic dust.

I edged four times today and it was delicious in a distracting way. I’m fitting two weeks worth of work into four days this week so I can take some time off. So it’s lunch at my desk, bathrooms breaks only when necessary, and please don’t make me check my voicemail kind of days. But, there’s always room to edge.

The first time was quick, utilitarian – just get it done. My fingers were icy cold, but my clit loved it.

The second time, I grabbed the handrail in the stall and held on for dear life.

The third time, my legs splayed out in front of me, and I would have appeared to be a wanton, if anyone could have seen me.

The fourth, and final, time, I touched my swollen clit for a few moments and then collapsed in on myself, squeezing my thighs together in a brutal effort to keep the orgasm at bay.

I wish I could tell you about the fabulous orgasms from this morning. The cum splashing my thighs and covering the entirety of my hand. The thick cream oozing out of my pussy. The sweet taste of myself as I cleaned my soaked hand. But, alas, I’m too tired to go into much detail on this my first real Masturbation Monday.

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