56 Reasons Why I Love Him

56 Reasons Why I Love Him

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Today (July 12) is John Brownstone’s birthday. If you wonder how old he is, the answer is in the title. (Clever, right?) If you’d like to wish him your own HBD, you can find him on Twitter @SouthernSirsPl (I really need to fix that handle for him) or email him at southernsir at gmail.

For my part, I’ve taken on his domestic stuff for the day, I’m taking him out for dinner and dessert tonight, I got him a little birthday gift (too little for what I think he deserves), and I’m doing my nearly annual (sickeningly sweet) ode to the one and only John Brownstone.

Why do I love him? Let me count the ways…
(And yes, I know how the line really goes)

  1. He’s kind.
  2. He’s patient.
  3. He’s a gentleman.
  4. He’s my Dominant.
  5. He’s my Daddy.
  6. He’s nurturing.
  7. He is sadistic but never cruel.
  8. While he doesn’t always understand his emotions, he never hides them from me.
  9. We only “argue” about the important stuff, he’s never petty.
  10. He’s honest.
  11. The sparkle in his eyes that means something different depending on the moment – pleasure, delight, or kinky fuckery.
  12. The way he says, “Babygirl” when I go too far.
  13. The way he calls me “His”
  14. The hand at the small of my back when we’re in a crowded place.
  15. The way he reaches out to hold my hand no matter where we are.
  16. He holds the door open for me every single time.
  17. The way he makes me order his iced coffee because only I tell them “the right way” to do it.
  18. The way he never doubts my dreams
  19. But he also brings me back to reality when I try to do too much
  20. When he learned he couldn’t “fix” my mental health issues so he learned how to support me through it instead.
  21. The way his hand, flogger, paddle, and every other weapon of mass destruction lands on my body.
  22. The soft stroke of his palm between each sadistic strike
  23. He didn’t just ask me to marry him, he asked the boys if he could be part of their family.
  24. When he lets me take an idea and run with it.
  25. The way he strokes my hair while he holds me close.
  26. The taste of his tongue against mine
  27. The way his fingers on my nipples or clit turn me into a quivering mess.
  28. We’re a team, always, in everything.
  29. He’s not only let me see him cry, he lets me hold him when it happens.
  30. He stands back to let me shine and take the lead.
  31. He hates when I push him into the spotlight, not convinced he’s good enough.
  32. He doesn’t have to be the loudest or the first to speak but he always gets his point across.
  33. The way he doesn’t invite a fight or argument over things he considers unnecessary drama
  34. He’ll drop everything to help me or my family.
  35. He’s warm and cuddly – and quite furry.
  36. He’s broad shouldered and strong.
  37. Those hands and forearms…UNF
  38. He doesn’t always need to orgasm to enjoy my body.
  39. He makes sure I almost always come.
  40. He inspires me to submit to him.
  41. He never takes me for granted.
  42. He says thank you for the small and big things.
  43. He’s steady and calm in the midst of any storm – even my storms.
  44. He’s sexually adventurous and ready to try anything.
  45. He’s kinky as fuck.
  46. He wants me to experience my own sexual fantasies, even when I’m too scared to try.
  47. He is my biggest fan.
  48. I trust him completely…with my heart, body, mind, soul, and life.
  49. He gives me what I want and need, even when I don’t know I want or need it.
  50. He’s willing to tell me no for my own good.
  51. He’s willing to indulge me when that’s what I need.
  52. He takes care of me when I’m sick but is always shocked when I do the same for him. Always.
  53. He smells SO fucking good.
  54. He’s willing to be by my side in any situation.
  55. He lets me hug and kiss him whenever I want
  56. The way he says, “I love you, babygirl” like I’m the only woman on the planet

Give me a minute, and I could extend this to 100 or more. John Brownstone is the most amazing man I’ve ever known, and I will forever thank whatever deities might be out there that I’m lucky enough to have his love. Everyday (even on the bad days) I’m reminded of the kind of man he is, and I count my blessings that we found each other in this crazy, mixed up world. When I imagined the kind of person who might love me, I never thought I’d get this lucky.

Happy Birthday, Daddy. You’re the best Daddy, Dominant, man, partner, lover, friend, and almost-husband I could ever have.

No smut today, but if you’d like a little of that, feel free to head on over to Wicked Wednesday. This week’s prompt is Venus in Fur.

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