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Who’s a Tease Now? #MasturbationMonday

The boys sat at the kitchen table eating breakfast. Daddy wandered into the living room for a moment. His presence is a beacon for me. I follow him where he goes. For no reason that I could tell, I found myself in the living room, by his side. Seconds of precious time alone.

I kissed his cheek. He wrapped me in a bear hug.

My hands wandered down his waist, up his thighs, and stopped in the middle. My hands were soft and gentle but insistent. I wanted to feel his body. I wanted to feel his desire for me rise. I wanted the weight of him in my hands.

He growled into my ear. The warmth of his breath sent chills down my body. His reaction created another reaction deep within my core. Liquid heat.

One hand reached up to softly stroke his sensitive nipples. No playful pinches or tweaks, just soft stroking.

He hissed.

I smiled.

Pulling back, he said, “Enough.”

I gave him my most innocent look. “What?”


I ruffled. I’m never  a brat. In hushed (but sweet) tones, I made my argument.

He acquiesced. “Okay, you’re a tease.”

I agreed completely.


Breakfast over. Boys occupied in another room. We stood together in the kitchen as he readied himself to leave for a few hours. Friends to see on a Saturday morning. I always hate it when he leaves, but I love how he says good bye.

He pulled me close for a hug. I could tell we were ignored by the small people in our home. My fingers found my favorite toy. Light strokes only.

With a low growl, he wrapped one tight arm around my shoulders, pinning me to him. His hand reached down and stroked my pussy and clit through thin shorts. I buried my face in his neck, determined not to make a noise, not to give us away.

“No, you may not, babygirl.” The gruff whisper in my ear heightened the torment.

With rough strokes, he brought my body to the edge. I danced on my toes. I braced myself against him, hugging him tight.

Without a word, he released me and kissed my cheek.

“Have a good morning, Babygirl. I’ll see you later.”

Smarter than I seem, I didn’t say the words lingering in my mind.

Who’s a tease now?

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Mutual masturbation, but no release – in that moment. Release came later (see what I did there?). Go check out the other purveyors of masturbatory smut in this week’s post and find something that makes you read and type with just one hand.

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