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Make Valentine’s Day a Little Kinkier With UnboundBox

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Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kinky partner or you think the day is another capitalist, Hallmark holiday that should burn in a fiery grave, can we all agree that more orgasms are a good thing? Any time of the year?

Kinky fuckery is also pretty damn good, too, right?…Right?!

When Unbound asked me to put together my dream gift guide for Valentine’s Day, all I could think about was how good we could all feel…and, of course, getting kinky. What would I want to get kinky with? What would I recommend to new kinksters? What if you’re not kinky but really love orgasms?

I’ve got you covered.

I picked 12 items I either love or would love to try, but of course, you can scroll through their website and find other things.

Click the button below to check out my 12 picks – y’all, I chose under-the-bed restraints, a glass dildo, and my FAVORITE vibe, just to name a few. For the record, some items I’ve used and some I want to use but haven’t. You’ll notice a few faves in this list.

Find something you like? Use code KAYLAVDAY15 to save 15%. (Doesn’t apply to subscriptions.)

Don’t have any cash to spend? Unbound has a giveaway you can enter to win $200 to spend at their website! Enter here.

Click below to check out the V-Day guide, whether you’re with someone or alone this year.

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