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#Erotic Haiku 18


I try so hard to
The beauty that he sees
And love all of me.

For the record, posting this picture makes my palms sweat and my knees shake, but I don’t want to cry when he forces me to look in the mirror and call myself beautiful anymore. I want to see what he sees. 

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Kayla Lords

I am a sex blogger, podcaster, freelance writer, international speaker, kink educator, and all-around kinky woman. You can find me online sharing my innermost sexual thoughts and experiences, teaching other bloggers how to make money writing about sex, and helping kinksters have happy healthy BDSM relationships. I'm also a masochistic babygirl submissive with an amazing and sadistic Daddy Dom and business partner, John Brownstone. Welcome to my kinky corner of the internet!


  • Kayla you are much braver than I, and I’m sure you just made your daddy very proud! I call our bodies “motherhood bodies”, because they show the wear and tear of nurturing babies from conception thru birth and beyond! Our bodies show the battle scars of giving birth, and boobs that grew two sizes because they filled with milk to feed our babies! I’m right there with as you stand In front of your mirror friend, we look much the same!
    The more weight I loose the prouder I get about my motherhood body”. It will never be what it once was, but now has the scars of love!

    Big huge hugs my friend, Mynx

    • For years, I worried about the scars and marks. I don’t even notice them anymore. Several years ago I lost about 90 lbs and in the past year or so gained 20 back. I never learned how to see how far I’d come, only how far I still needed to go. But I am working on seeing myself with new eyes.

  • Kayla we are women, our bodies tell the story of our lives in ways men’s bodies could never do. We are softness and warmth that provides them comfort and shelter from their world of power struggles. Our Sir’s delight in how our bodies respond to their touch, their presence. Celebrate this. You ARE beautiful.

  • You are a beautiful woman, from the depth of your soul to the tips of your toes.
    Minx, I call them “life marks” we all have them in one form or another and they are all a part of what makes us who we are. They do not detract, they only enhance.

  • Nothing to be ashamed of but we girls sure are hard on ourselves, I’d rather crawl across broken glass than see pictures of myself in skimpy underwear. (Naked makes me cringe. Hence the light limit I have to give up. LOL!) I can’t ever see what he sees. I focus on all that is wrong. Glad you were strong and brave this morning. Have a good day!

  • Stunning. The reason for the post makes you even more beautiful. It is truly an awe inspiring moment when we allow our fear to subside and learn to love what others see in us. Loving ourselves for Him is completely raw trust and the most amazing kind of love to have. (my opinion of course) You are an amazing woman.

  • Oh miss Kayla- you and all the Mom’s with kink are simply devine! Even more beautiful is your demeanor. It’s not always the person’s looks on the outside which matters as much as how they carry themselves. Your confidence portrays the true beauty you are!

    Well done miss Kayla….

    -Mynx’s Sir (Tom Wolf)

  • Lovely and brave. I admire you for posting this picture. You have a beautiful body. I have often wondered if I could be brave enough to post a picture of myself naked. My Husband has, however, told me I am not allowed to post pictures of myself on my blog.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you.

      Have you or do you take pictures of yourself for him? Most of the pictures I take will never be posted anywhere, but I do it for Daddy – which in turn helps me.

  • I wish my boobs were as perky as yours. Mine is so saggy. I know I’ll never get them back unless I have surgery. Really don’t think that will happen.

    • The secret is camera angles and body position. I was arching a bit in this one. I’m still not brave enough to post something where I’m not posing – there’s a difference.

      And saggy boobs are just as great as perky boobs. Why? Because boobs! If a man is touching, licking, sucking, and my favorite, biting them, I promise you he’s not worried about whether they’re saggy or not – so why should we worry about it?

        • Lol I sent it to Sir and he had no idea it was me!!! I was like, um Sir, you don’t know that ass??? Lolol

          • Thank you /blush. Was getting creative with the camera.. There is another but it’s only for Sir and he knew EXACTLY whose it was :). ( he licked his phone screen, lololol)

          • One day I hope I get to meet your Sir…anyone who licks his phone screen is ok in my book. 🙂 And your ass is GORGEOUS! Oh, and the one further down? Beautiful – you should consider submitting for Boobday….yummy!

          • I was inspired by you!! Ohhhhh hmmmm Boobday….have to think about that. Tumblr seems so much more anonymous…
            Oh also the shot of after our first night in the closet. Hard to believe I didn’t bruise, I had a faint paddle shaped one yesterday tho. Sir likes to check the next day:)

          • Oh and I think you’d like my Sir, quite the prankster. Also a musician. Does your Daddy play guitar?

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