Spanked and Fucked

two Indian gods having sex and saying fuck me

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We tried to lie down for a midday nap, a rare luxury for both of us. Naked in a darkened room, the ceiling fan whirring over our heads, it was an exquisite indulgence. As tired as we’ve been lately, falling asleep should have been easy.

It wasn’t.

We’d had a disagreement the night before. Recovery continued that morning. Uneasy silence followed by earnest conversation. The tension had eased but not vanished.

“I can’t sleep, Daddy.”

“Me either, babygirl.”

We cuddled, wrapped up in each other’s arms. Legs crossed. Bodies close. Pressed skin to skin.

He pulled back and drew my nipple deep into his mouth. His tongue was warm and firm. With each flick, I trembled. Warmth filled my body. It wasn’t quite enough but it was lovely.

When he reached between my legs, I quivered. As his fingers strummed and stroked, I pushed against his hand, desperate for more.

And he gave it to me.

I don’t know how many orgasms I had. Big ones. Small ones. Creamy ones. Gushy ones. My whole body jittered and shuddered as each climax hit like a small explosion.

I think he could have continued like that for hours, stroking and giving me pure pleasure. But I wanted more, greedy girl that I am. Twisting in his arms, I pushed my bottom against his cock.

“What’s this? What are you doing, babygirl? Do you want something?”

I whined and pushed harder. He pulled back and I followed.

“Fuck me…fuck me…fuck me!”

His cock teased my entrance. I heard his dark chuckle, a sound I know well.

When he thrust deep, I stopped breathing for a moment. Until I squeaked and squealed and gasped and moaned.


His hand came down on my flank. Then again. And again.

My cunt squeezed his shaft each time.

He pulled out, teasing my slit. I whined and pushed back. He held my hips in a firm grip. I felt his other arm raise.

As he sunk deep into my body, his hand came down with a crash.

I screamed.

Over the next I-don’t-know-how-long, he played a new game. Each time he slipped out of my body, I pushed back and whispered “Fuckmefuckmefuckme…” As he did, he inflicted a different kind of pain.

Pulling my hair until my back arched.

Slapping my face

A firm grip around my throat

I don’t remember anymore what happened when. My world crystalized down to the cock in my cunt and the sweetly cruel hand on my body.

By the time he finished, I’d admitted that I was Daddy’s slut, his cock whore, his greedy little cunt. I’d begged to be fucked. I’d pleaded for more pain.

By the time he finished, we were back to ourselves, centered and in harmony.

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