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Slow Burning Torture #MasturbationMonday

Cool air kisses damp skin. Sweat trickles down my neck and pools in the crevices of my body. Musky desire wafts in the air around me.

Nipples, taut and puckered, scrape across soft sheets sending streaks of lightening through every limb. I tremble, barely breathing, waiting.

My back arches, exposing wet, swollen flesh begging for attention. Need pulses through me in time with my racing heart.

A warm hand strokes the round globes of my ass before blazing a trail down my spine. My head is pushed into the cool sheets.

He commands me to stay still without speaking a single word. I whimper in small squeaks.

When will he touch me? Will he make me scream and writhe? Will he give me a mind-blowing orgasm? What does he have planned?

I tremble from head to toe, my breath coming in shallow gasps. I arch my back a little more, impossibly bowed, anything to entice his touch. My legs and hips relax, opening my body a little wider.

Doesn’t he want me?

“You’re a greedy girl, aren’t you?”

I nod and mumble a “Yes, Sir.”

“You’re begging for my touch like a little slut. You want me to touch you, stroke your slippery cunt, maybe even fuck you. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

Almost weeping, I moan, “Yes, please, Sir. Please.”

“You keep forgetting that this isn’t about what you want, girl. It’s about pleasing your Sir. And watching you suffer like this makes me very happy.”

I sob into the bed, wet with need. Begging for more will only result in a longer wait.

“Your juicy cunt is weeping. Do you feel that trickle running down your thigh? It must be torture to want release so bad and not get it.”

I know better than to answer. I must wait and find patience. The understanding of what I should do doesn’t stop my body from silently begging him for something else. Rocking hips, swollen flesh, the heady scent of need and desire – these are my weapons. He, however, is the master of waiting for the right time.

The barest touch swipes across my slit. I hiss and push back against him. It is quickly withdrawn.

He chuckles. It’s an evil, sadistic sound. My body shudders as my desire grows to impossible heights. The sound of a closing drawer gives me pause. What does he have in mind?

I sigh as something large and firm presses against my pussy. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s thick and hard. Yes, please, fill me. Fuck me. In this position, he can hit that sweet spot that makes me gush fluids like a geyser. I sigh dreamily and sink into the blankets, believing relief is on the way.

“Silly girl. You think I’m going to fuck you with this and give you what you want? You still haven’t figured it out. I don’t want your release. Not yet. I want your painful pleasure. I want you to beg and scream until you have no more energy. I want you to tremble and sweat and wonder when the torture will end.”

My body tenses. Whatever he has planned will either be very good or very difficult…or both.

He pushes the object deep into my body. It feels familiar. Dildo? A switch flips and the vibrations begin. I know this toy. Only the highest setting on my clit can give me an orgasm. Penetration puts me on a slow burn but almost never enough to get off.

“You joked the other day about how long this would take to get you off. Well, my little slut, we’re going to find out. Wonder no more. Oh. One more thing.”

The bed dips. He’s sitting next to me, gloriously naked. I can feel his cock, swollen and hot, against my leg as he stretches out next to me. I can’t see him, but I feel his hand reach under my body between my thighs. A dull buzzing joins the sound of the vibrator. The small bullet presses against my clit.

“You said this was just a tease. Let’s see how you feel about it in ten minutes or so.”

His laugh is the last thing I hear clearly as the night of slow burning torture begins and the sound of buzzing fills my mind.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Before you congratulate me on surviving such an ordeal, it’s fiction (thank God, I don’t know if I could handle that kind of slow torture!). Okay, you know what to do. Go forth and read more smutty goodness!

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