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The Two in the Afternoon Fuck

rumpled sheets after a two in the afternoon fuck

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The 2 in the afternoon fuck isn’t that much different than the four in the morning fuck.

There are key differences to be sure. I’m much more awake. He can tell me what he wants because I’m paying attention. The sun is up, and other people are awake, too.

But there are similarities, too.

“Take those shorts off.”

I complied before my brain registered what it might mean. Still reading the tragic stories of children ripped away from parents, I turned away, pushed my shorts over my hips, and then realized what it meant.

I set my phone down and turned towards him, feeling unsure and awkward. Sex during daylight hours doesn’t bother me, but this was so much more direct than our sleepy fucks. He knew what he wanted and made sure I knew, too. His cock standing tall and twitching wouldn’t be ignored or denied.

Getting ready to fuck in the afternoon is stark and detailed. Everything hits you. The whirring of the fan. The thump of the nightstand opening as he grabs the lube. I barely saw him shimmy his own shorts off — without standing up, I might add — because I was so focused on everything else.

With a nervous giggle, I crawled into bed. I kneeled by his side, unsure of what to do next or where to be, other than naked and next to him.

When he rolled onto his side and grabbed my arm, my confidence returned. This was a dance I understood.

I laughed — with a lot of joy and more than a little relief — and rolled to my side, pushing my bottom towards him, arching my back. It was all so familiar.

His fingers in my hair, digging in my hip, grabbing my breast, pinching my nipple, I knew it all well. But then the differences struck me.

With eyes wide open, I watched the sunlight pour through the curtains. I noticed the softness of the sheet and the squeak of the bed frame. To be wide-awake and aware meant I could experience our fucking in a new way. Something old made new again.

Mid-afternoon or pre-dawn, the efficiency of our quickies remains the same, as does the pleasure. But the differences between 4am and 2pm may be as different as night and day.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Quickies on Saturday afternoon are fun! What else is fun? All the smutty goodness waiting for you.

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