Masturbation Monday

I Have a Date to Fuck My Husband

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Call me a cliche. Call me vanilla if you want.

But I have a date to fuck my husband.

My still newly-wedded bliss loves that sentence. Let me say/type/think it again.

I have a date to fuck my husband.

Maybe we’re doing it right now, as you’re reading these words.

Is he pinching my nipple or stroking my clit?

Do his fingers grip my hip or my hair?

Are we fucking like raging lunatics or this one of our rare moments of sweeter, slower love-making?

Does it even matter?

I have a date to fuck my husband.

Who will orgasm first?

Will we orgasm it at all?

Is he going to growl or roar?

Will I scream or whimper?

Or will we simply sink into the blankets and each other?

Who cares? I have a date to fuck my husband.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Yes, we made it a date. Blame the holidays, travel, my mental health, or just weirdness but we haven’t fucked in over a week, and it was easier to plan it. I have no idea what kind of sex I’m having or have had or will have. But it’s a date that I’m very much looking forward to.

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