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Getting What He Wants

“Strip and get into bed, girl. Now.”

His voice left no room for argument. This wasn’t a time to tease or gently tweak him.

“Yes, Daddy.” I sounded almost meek.

Were we going to take a nap? That would be nice. I was definitely tired.

Was it finally time for some kinky fuckery? Hmmm? Which would I rather have? Kinky fuckery nearly always wins with a nap after.

Not knowing what he expected other than nudity and being in the bed, I knelt as I always do. Ass in the air. Lips glistening between thick thighs. I shivered. The anticipation was killing me.


The blows came hard and fast. I hadn’t realized he was in the bedroom yet. God damn the impact felt good. The initial sting gave way to a slow burn that melted my muscles. He’d barely begun and I was already mush.


Harder this time. Goosebumps raced across my skin.

“Move over, girl. Give me room.”

I scooted over, lying on my side of the bed, waiting…he still hadn’t told me what to expect. I knew what I wanted, especially after that.

He always surprises me. Even then. When I anticipated roughness, he gave me his gentle side. Quietly, he drew me into his embrace, pulling me close. I snuggled against him, burying my nose in his chest. Warmth enveloped me. I began to relax against him. Nap it is.

And then he grabbed my leg, draping it over his hips, spreading my thighs, baring my vulva to the cool air in the room. Nap later.

He plucked and strummed my labia and clit until my back arched, and I cried out softly. The barest touch and I came off the bed, wanting, needing more. I also wanted it to last. I ground my teeth, determined to ride it out and savor the pleasure before begging for release.

His fingers moved faster, still gentle, but more urgently. He knew what I wanted.

“Pleeeeeeeeease, oh God, oh God, please can I come????!!”

“Yes, Babygirl, you can.”

Every muscle in my body clenched, tightening as my pussy spasmed. Warmth flooded the center of my body. I forgot to breathe. My heels dug into the bed. My mouth opened in a silent cry.

“Breathe.” His whispered reminder forced me to drag great gulps of air into my body. He gave me no time to come down.


What the?

Oh God, the new toy, the Mighty Wand. Would this be like my beloved Hitachi? Could I stand it?

He held it against my mound, millimeters away from my clit. Mmmm, that felt good. Soothing. I’d almost forgotten these things were originally designed to be a massager. I relaxed into the vibrations.

He rolled the head over my slit, skimming my clitoris. My hips arched forward. The wand moved away, tantalizingly out of reach. He rolled it closer. I spread my legs wider, silently begging for more. He teased me this way for a minute, an hour, I don’t know. It felt like forever. Each vibration brought me closer to the edge, closer to begging for more and yet, terrified I couldn’t handle more.

Finally, oh God, finally, he pressed it firmly against my body. The first orgasm was like fireworks on Fourth of July, the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, and the taste of chocolate – combined. It was beautiful. It was perfect.

It was wet and gushy. My mind exploded along with my body. I shrieked and screamed my pleasure until I fell back against the bed, unable to move.

He wasn’t done. Time and time again, he held the wand against my body. Each orgasm was smaller and took longer to climax, but climax I did, until…

“Enough! Please, Daddy, I can’t take anymore!”

He held it against his own cock and his balls, gasping and twitching from each new sensation. I watched, fascinated.

I’m awful at watching. Watch me or let me join in, but being the audience is rarely fun for me.

“What do you want, Daddy?” My eyes never left his hand holding the toy.

“I want you to suck my cock, girl.”

First I blushed. Then I fell on him with abandon, sucking and slurping, licking and nibbling. He pressed the toy against his balls and placed a hand on my head. I almost came from the pleasure of the moment.

I worshiped his cock until my throat was raw and I was breathless. I pulled away and looked into his eyes.

“Can I fuck you, Daddy?” I don’t know where the request came from, other than that I desperately wanted to feel him deep inside of me.

“Awww, Babygirl, of course you can.”

He threw the toy to the side as I straddled his body and lowered my eager and very wet cunt over his shaft. We both sighed in bliss.

I rocked and gyrated until he grabbed my hips and thrust up into my body. I leaned over him, my breasts dangling in his face. He latched on like a starving man. I came around his cock as he bit one nipple, then the next.

Just when I thought I could take no more, he pushed me down on the bed, pushing until I rolled over. My back pressed into his chest. His cock pushed against my thighs. He slipped in, grabbed the Mighty Wand, and held it against my clit. I took it from him and pushed it against both our bodies, where shaft and pussy met.

I don’t know how long he fucked me. I don’t know when either of us came. The last thing I remember is finally letting go of the toy and letting him pull it away from my body as he tried desperately to catch his breath.

As I buried my face into the pillow, unable to move or form coherent thoughts, I found myself asking, “Did you get what you want, Daddy?”

He mumbled something that sounded like a yes before we both dozed off to take that nap I’d wished for earlier.

Okay, if you came for the smut and only the smut, click the button below to check out this week’s assortment of Masturbation Monday goodness. If, however, you’d like to know more about the Mighty Wand, keep scrolling for my review.

Masturbation Monday

Review for the Mighty Wand

I received the Rechargeable Mighty Wand from Castle Megastore – an adult toy store that’s been around for 29 years – in an exchange for an honest review. You might think something called the “Mighty Wand” would be similar to the Original Magic Wand (OMW) (my all time favorite toy). You’d think that, but no. It’s got a similar shape and looks a little like the original but that’s where the similarities end.

It’s not as powerful as the OMW and after the first few orgasms, I struggled to climax. I fully admit that could have been all on me, but it is frustrating to really want an orgasm and the toy buzzing against your clit can’t get you there. But, in all fairness, those first few were AH-MAZ-ZING. And I don’t think John Brownstone was complaining as he played with his on his shaft and balls or when I held it close while he fucked me.

Is it going to replace my OMW anytime soon? No. But if what I want is the tease and a few orgasms without the masochistic pain of it’s more powerful counterpart, the Mighty Wand is certainly an option. I like that it’s rechargeable, and that it has a variable speed control. The vibrations were definitely different than what you get with the OMW. They were pleasant without the added pain – even on the less sensitive parts of my body.

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