Masturbation Monday

I Want So Many Things

I want so many things…

Time to lie in bed, snuggle under warm covers, and exist by your side.

Your hands skimming the outline of my body as you memorize the shape of me.

Cruel, unrelenting pleasure I’m convinced I can’t handle, but I will…for you.

Slow, seductive warmth that seeps into every cell, permeating every part of who I am.

I need so many things…

Your touch, your gaze, your focus.

A driving, thrusting cock laying claim to my body.

Teeth on sensitive flesh.

Sharp smacks and grips and tugs and pulls.

I want…

Your sadism.

A primal fuck.

Pain. Ferocity.


I need…

Your love.

To be held.

Love. Warmth.


Welcome to Masturbation Monday! We were supposed to have so much kinky fuckery this past weekend, but it didn’t work out. John Brownstone’s rope still sits out on our bedroom dresser. I think we both hope it will get used sooner rather than later. So, for now, you get the smutty thoughts in my head. For more smut, in general, you know where to go.

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