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He Changed Up Our Sex Routine

he changed up our sex routine with an aneros prostate massager and lube

It doesn’t matter that we have sex in very similar ways most of the time. I find our routine comforting and reassuring. But that doesn’t mean, it doesn’t surprise and delight at times, too. We don’t fuck using step-by-step instructions. Even in the sameness, there are differences that excite and titillate.

Saturday morning…

He pulled me towards him. Arms snaking around my body, his warmth surrounded me as I sighed into him.

I’d heard the familiar rustle of the nightstand. I knew he’d lubed up, so I pushed my bottom towards him. My cunt was an open invitation awaiting his arrival.

As he sunk in, the movements should have soothed me back to sleep, but instead I focused on the sensations.

Fingers digging into my hips.

The rub of hair-covered legs against my smooth ones.

His pelvis pushing firmly against my bottom. Our bodies fit together perfectly.

The way his hands ran up and down my arm, over my shoulder, down my back, unable to settle into place.

My eyes wouldn’t open, and my mind was blissfully blank. He’d unintentionally found me in a perfect moment of mindful attention and total abandon to our bodies’ whims.

The rhythm and pattern were all the same, and this time I paid attention.

Sunday morning…

Light peeked through the curtains. What time was it? Why was I awake?

The nightstand opened and closed.


Slightly alert, I waited for what was to come.

He grabbed my leg to throw it over his lap, spreading my thighs. I resisted a little. This wasn’t what we usually did. I know I heard the nightstand.


Feigning sleep, I tried to roll over, ready to get into our normal, comfortable position. He grabbed my leg again, this time letting me stay on my side. His thumb pressed into my clit. Too much, too much, oh, right there, just right. I pushed my body forward, adjusting the pressure as he rubbed.

I know I’m supposed to ask for orgasms, but these came too suddenly, subtle and quiet, and I could only shudder and tremble my way through each one.

When he was satisfied, he let go of my leg, and I did what I do — butt out, arched back, waiting. I told myself I knew what this moment would be like.

He rubbed his cock up and down my slit, and I pushed back again, urgent and ready. He fingers my cunt, spreading my labia, making my body squelch. I sighed with pleasure.

But why was he taking so long? Isn’t this what lube is for?

Once again, his cock sunk in, and I knew what would happen next.

He wrapped his fingers around the back of my neck, bracing himself and holding me in position. With a quick flick from his other hand, he’s pinched and tweaked my nipple until it was rock hard. I shuddered around his cock.

I heard, “Oh yes, baby. Fuck, yeah.”

That was new. He didn’t whisper endearments like that.

“Who’s pussy is this? I’m gonna own your fucking pussy.”

That’s more like it.

My cunt squelched a wet response, so ownership was no longer in dispute.

A few more strokes, and then I heard his muffled groan. Louder than usual. Faster than usual.

That’s new, too. He’s not fast in bed. We’ve shifted positions half a dozen times because he doesn’t come quickly. I’ve been fucked raw because his is a methodical orgasm, needing time to be tempted and teased out.


Later, as I peed in a bleary-eyed, sexed-up hair state, he stood at the sink washing something. It was his Aneros prostate massager. His eyes twinkled when he saw that I’d noticed.

“Did you have that in while we fucked?”

“Sure did.”

Dawning realization struck. “The lube and the nightstand — that was for you!”

He grinned in response.

“I couldn’t understand why it all felt so different. Now it makes sense, and now I know why you came so fast.”

The moral of the story?

It takes very little to change up a routine, and any routine can be made better with the smallest of tweaks. And also, when given a new sex toy to add to your early morning fuck, do it. It’s definitely worth it.

The Aneros sex toy review will happen soon — and I’ll link to it when it does, but for now, just know, it’s something John Brownstone loves.

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