I Think We Might Be Back #podcast

I know it hasn’t really been forever since the last Loving BDSM podcast episode, but it sure as hell feels that way! While the rest of the world has been spinning like normal, John Brownstone and I have spent the past few weeks building a website, figuring out how to make things work, migrating 78 freaking episodes (why didn’t I decide to do this on episode 10?!), and leaning on our friends who know more than we do for advice (major thanks to @DomSigns for his help!).

Well, it all seems to be paying off, because we released a test/teaser episode today, and from what I can tell, it’s showing up in people’s podcast feeds.

If not – if this is the first you’re hearing about it, and you are a subscriber through some app or program – please let me know! I’m trying to track down any and all problems so we can fix them now before we start putting out real shows again (beginning April 21!!).

Not much to report in this first episode, but if you want to hear a few details about what’s going on (more coming in an upcoming episode) and a couple of changes we’ve made, click the (OMG, isn’t it pretty?!) new button below!

Oh and if you start poking around the new website and something doesn’t work right, please let me know! I’m still finishing that part up and should have it completely ready by April 21. But it’s always good to know if a thing doesn’t work. 

Loving BDSM podcast

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