Masturbation Monday

I Wanted Him to Watch

We’ve had the HUM vibrator (received in exchange for an honest review) for a couple of weeks now. Life kept getting in the way of trying it out. My mental gunk. His stress. For once, orgasms and sex weren’t the answer.

“I really want to play with this new one. It’s pretty.”

Yes, sometimes my desire to use a toy is based on aesthetics.

“Babygirl, I want to watch you play with that toy.”

I sputtered and stuttered. Watch me? But…but…didn’t he want to use it on me?

“Nope. I’ll be your avid audience instead.”

I do lots of kinky and sexy things without blinking but that made me blush all the way down to my toes.

Our first two attempts were a no-go. Yucky stomachs. Little boys with friends over. It was time to take matters into my own hands.

Monday morning…

“I really need to play with this one. Is it okay if I do it while you’re at work?”

“Of course, Babygirl. Just tell me all about it later.”

Fast forward a few hours.

“I’m coming home for lunch today.” I read the email a few times, my grinning getting bigger each time. All of my synapses were firing. A plan was forming. When I was through with him, he’d want to come home for lunch every day.

Lunchtime…or close enough.

I stripped out of worn yoga pants and the slightly sweaty t-shirt. Sex and sweat mixed together for a heady aroma. I felt dirty on a couple of levels.

Towel down on the bed. Pillows angled just so. One last glance at the clock. He should be here in just a few minutes.

Nestled in the pillows, I turned on the HUM. It definitely did that. It was quiet (thank gawd) but the vibrations were strong. I played with the settings, looking for the “just right” kind of vibes and pulses. I picked one at random that seemed stronger than the others and ran the vibrator across my labia and over my clit.

My body clenched. My back arched. Oh yeah, this feels good.

The first orgasm swept over me a moment later. The smell of sex around me was thicker. I kept my noise down. I wanted to hear him when he came through the front door.

I pressed the vibrator into my clitoris again. I shuddered through another orgasm. I was wet but was it enough to slip this thing inside?

My body accepted it with a slight pop. I hit the button again…and again…and again. Oh that’s a good setting. I angled the vibrator towards my g-spot. It was good, but not enough. Fucking myself was nice. I felt full but with none of the pain of a foreign object hitting my cervix.

I pulled it out, touched my clit, and groaned through another orgasm. This one was wetter. I pressed the vibe into my body, my hips rocking back and forth. I wanted to slow down and wait for him.

A click and a jangle. The front door opened.

I hid my face in my arm, already blushing, and he was only in the kitchen.


I tried to call to him, but an orgasm simmered through my body. I heard the clink of ice in a glass.

Wait? Was he getting a drink?! Oh no, I needed him here now.

“Daddy!” My voice was warbly and weak. No answer.

“DADDY!!!” Now I sounded like there was an emergency. Oops.

Still nothing. Wait, no, there’s footsteps.

“Mmmmm, now this is a sight.”

I giggled and hid my face again. I wasn’t sure what he would do, but I knew I wanted him to watch. He walked to one side of the bed and leaned over.

I screamed as he bit down on my nipple, igniting the biggest orgasm yet. He chuckled around the puckered and now sore skin. I moaned and groaned, alternating between fucking myself with the HUM and pressing it into my clit. He walked around to the other side of the bed to bite my other nipple.

My screams echoed through the room. My orgasms increased, fluids gushing from my body.

He laughed. I watched him watching me, all silly embarrassment forgotten.

He strummed my nipples as I gave myself one, two, three more orgasms. Finally, I could take it no more and tossed the still humming vibrator to the side.

“Breathe, Babygirl.”

I gulped in much needed air, slowing coming back down to earth.

“Did you enjoy the show, Daddy?”

“Oh yes.”

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Masturbation Monday


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