Yes, You Can Be a Parent and Still Have a D/s Relationship #podcast

This week my oldest child had his 11th birthday. 11, y’all. I’ve been doing this for 11 freaking years – and most days I still feel clueless.

While I was in the middle of running around getting ready for his birthday – and mentally preparing myself for the raucous sleepover he’s got planned for the weekend – I realized I was juggling my parenting priorities and my D/s priorities. Not that it bothered me, but it also made me think about questions I get sometimes.

Is it okay to be kinky if you’re a parent? How do you manage a D/s relationship as a parent?

The answers are yes and with patience and a willingness to adapt to your situation.

I’m pretty sure there’s plenty more I could have said about being kinky and a parent, but we have to start somewhere.

From the show:

  • I’m taking some time to slow down and regroup in a kinda, sorta blogging hiatus
  • My oldest turned 11 this week. Wow.
  • Any parent can have a D/s relationship if that’s what you want.
  • Special needs parents can be kinky too but they face more challenges – and I’m no expert. If you’ve managed it with all the demands of being a special needs parents, I’d love to learn from you.
  • Being pregnant and kinky is possible with some modifications.
  • Being kinky while parenting toddlers isn’t the same as having older kids.
  • Not all kink is sexual.
  • You have more freedom as your children get older.
  • Want kinky sex? You’ll probably have to plan for it.

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