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He Makes Me Feel So Many Things

he makes me feel

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Soft lips on my shoulder.

“Good morning, babygirl.”

I mumble a barely awake response. The room is cool and dark. No plans for the day – a first in weeks. Nowhere to be. No one waiting for us.

Warm caress on my thigh.

“Did you sleep well?”

More awake now, I respond. “Like a fucking rock.”

He chuckles. Moves closer. A hand snakes around.

Sharp shooting pain in my nipple.

I squeal and shiver. Fire explodes and races like a rocket to the center of my body. Both nipples harden…waiting. I struggle to breathe.

“That’s nice.”

He’s only barely heard my words. His focus is elsewhere. I wiggle my bottom against his pelvis.

What he doesn’t yet know is that I’m ready. Eager. My dreams were all erotic.

With a hand around my knee, he spreads my legs.

Cool air on damp skin.

Reaching down, he barely touches my clit before I squeal and tremble.

“Please, please, please…”

I beg a litany into the pillow before catching his surprised chuckle.


“Please, please, please…” in time with the little swirls of his finger against the insistent throbbing of my body. “Please can I come?”

Would he hear me? Did the pillow swallow my words?


A tremor. A quake. An explosion. I gasp and pant, waiting for his next move.

Steely fingers against my hip.

I tilt my hips back as he sinks in deep. The rush of air from his lungs breathes his satisfaction.

It’s in the air around us now. Need. Want. Desire. Release.

His hands move across my body with each thrust. Pinched nipples. Pulled hair. Slapped cheek.

I melt with each touch, but it’s the cruel bite of his grip that keeps my focus. When all else is erotic chaos, that pinch of pain reminds me of who and what I am.


Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Saturday morning may have been the most relaxing day I’ve had in months – and any day that starts out with a good fuck holds a lot of promise. Okay, enough of my smut. Go find out what other smutty goodness writers have for you this week. You know what to do…

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