Wicked Wednesday

A Brighter Future #WickedWednesday

Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday. The picture was this week’s prompt, and it gave me a lot to think about.

I think this applies to everyone in all facets of their life.

For me, I think back to failed relationships and where Daddy and I are headed. We’re stepping into our future right now, but if either of us had given up during the year or more of separation, we wouldn’t be right where we are. And I like where we’re at and where it seems we’re heading. Even with the trials coming our way, we’re better together than we ever could be apart.

This also makes me think of my professional life. My past was my old life of working too many hours a week for people who appreciated me too little. I’m in the middle right now. Building a business, trying to figure out who I am without the big office and “important” work schedule. Daddy says I’m better, and I know he’s right. But this business-building thing is hard, and yet I can’t imagine giving up now. There’s a bright future ahead of me…I just know it.

Ok, the prompt was to write what we thought about this image and those words. I’d love to know what you think when you see it. Write something on your own blog and share the link in the comments or just share in the comment. (We’re all friendly here. We don’t bite unless given permission, I promise. 😉 )

Wicked Wednesday

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  • I think I really needed this reminder. The semester kicked my ass, I am tired of living with my mom, and I just want to run away and escape somewhere. I keep thinking, ‘Maybe I’ll just take a year off,’ but that would be giving up after all the stuff I learned.

    So…. I’ll be the little train that could.

    Lovely thoughts. I am glad you are there to support each other through this difficult transition time. May you both have peace now and then.

  • The prompt reminds me of how I view my life. We all go through life lessons, and learn from our mistakes. What I would give for my current knowledge 30 years ago. My life today is full and rich, the love in my life is amazing and uber hot! It’s those life lessons that make you appreciate the here and now.

    Hugs, Mynx

  • I’m in the middle too.
    after a 30 year marriage and before my forever Dom.
    after 20 years in customer service and learning my new position.
    Finally figuring out who *I*am and truly glad to have so many people I can turn to for answers when I’m sure how to proceed.


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