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Pain and Pleasure Together #WickedWednesday

On some small level, I’m a pain slut – bite me, pinch me, smack me, and inflict pain simply for pain’s sake. Now touch my body – I’m wet, quivering, and excited.

By and large, though, I need a combination of pain and pleasure. Smack my ass and stroke my pussy. Bite my nipple, pull my hair, and finger my creamy folds. Combine the two, and I’m in heaven.

There now exists a picture of my ass and pussy, fully exposed as I kneel on the bed framed by two small floggers – the Devil and his brother. There is also a 13 minute video of my ass being flogged. I don’t know if either will ever see the light of day, but they are both out there, picture proof of my need for pain and pleasure.

The day the video was created, I zoned out during my flogging. Daddy used the Florentine methodΒ for most of it, although there were moments of flicks and flutters that felt like a whip across my skin. At certain speeds, the pain became intense, and I squealed and writhed, desperate to get away. At other speeds, I was lulled into a trance. My mind became still and the pain became inconsequential.

Spankings, floggings, and the like are punctuated with warm, soothing strokes across my backside and insistent fingers pressing into my wet cunt. The longer he plans to play, the more often I am allowed to cum. My body shudders with pleasure as I beg to orgasm. My pussy spasms as release is granted. I am sated for the moment and feel even less pain as he begins again.

When he growls and bites down on tender flesh – a nipple, my inner thigh, my shoulder, wherever – I screech, twisting and turning, fearful that the pain will never stop. And then, like the click of a light switch, the moment I stop fighting the sensations and allow the pain to wash over me, I stop feeling pain. I’m carried away on a river of sensations, most notably a deep throbbing in my core – pure desire.

Of course, I also simply like rough sex, hard and fast, filled with hair-pulling, nipple-twisting, shoulder-biting, finger-bruising pain, too.

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! This week’s prompt was to discuss how we feel about pain and pleasure. I have always liked pain, even before I realized I was submissive. I’m a masochist in love with a sadist who’s also my gentle Daddy. Pain and pleasure are a given, and for that, I consider myself very fortunate. So basically, this week’s prompt was right up my alley.

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