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Yes, Mistress

“What are you doing in that seat?” Ruby smirked as her co-flight attendant, Phillip, hissed at her, his voice filled with indignation.

Leaning back into the seat, she brought the glass up to her lips, winking as she took a sip of champagne.

“What the fuck does it look like I’m going?” Crossing her legs, Ruby dangled the end of her worn, sensible heel from her toe. “I’m taking a fucking break.”

Phillip looked around the cabin in confusion. “The passengers will be boarding in a few minutes! And the champagne is for our first class guests! This is no time for a break!!”

Ruby winced at the whining, cloying tone in his voice. She shook her head in amazement. He really considered them guests and not the assholes who could never be satisfied! Wow, she thought.

Deciding to have a bit of fun before the five-hour flight, Ruby sat up and gave Phillip a stern look. “Well, if you want me to get done with my break before boarding, you’re going to have to do everything I tell you.” His look of shock almost made her laugh – almost. “Got it, little man?”

“What the hell is wrong with you, Ruby? I’m not going to do what you tell me – ” Phillip was cut short by a surprisingly firm grasp on his cock. Looking down, he was mesmerized by Ruby’s red nails. Ruby-red nails, he mused to himself.

“Let’s try this again, shall we?” Squeezing firmly, Ruby pulled Phillip down until they were nose to nose. “You want me to get up before boarding begins, and I want you to do what I tell you. Be a good boy, and I will make it very worth your while when we land in San Francisco.” She loosened her grip and caressed his growing bulge through his dark blue, pleated pants.

Clearing his throat, Phillip managed a whispered, “Um, ok.”

“Good boy,” purred Ruby. “First thing, during our game, you’ll refer to me as Mistress. Got that?”

“Y-yes, Mistress,” whispered Phillip.

Ruby smirked. “Pull your cock out so I can look at it while you work.”

Phillip’s eyes widened. He gulped audibly. He looked down at the ground, the tips of his ears burning, as he began to unbutton his pants.

“Stop, little man.” Short-lived relief flooded Phillip’s face. “I don’t want your pants off. I want your cock out. Unzip and pull it out. Now.” Ruby’s tone held no room for argument. After a slight hesitation, he complied.

“Mmmmm, good boy.” He might have been embarrassed by following her commands, but his cock told a different story. Thick and ridged with veins, he was already swollen and a dark pink color. Ruby wrapped her fingers around him and smiled at Phillip’s gasp of pleasure.

“Little man, I’m going to sit here and drink champagne while you finish both our tasks. You’ll want to move fast as our pilots will be here soon. You wouldn’t want them to find you like this, would you?” Shaking his head in vehement denial, Ruby let go of him. Phillip rushed to ready the cabin.

Ruby tilted her head as she watched Phillip move about the cabin. The bob of his shaft turned her on, and she could feel her panties becoming moist. Inhaling deeply, she could smell desire in the air but didn’t know which one of them the scent came from.

Moments later, Phillip stood in front of her, his head bowed, his cock weeping. “Mistress, all is completed as you requested.”

Ruby looked up at him in surprise. “Hmmm, you seem to know your role very well, little man.” Phillip blushed a darker red than his engorged member. She smiled knowingly. “Not your first time in this position, I see.”

Phillip shook his head and averted his eyes from Ruby. “No it’s not, Mistress. I hope I have pleased you.”

Her smiled widened even further. Leaning down, she lapped up the fluid pooling at the tip of his cock. Phillip made a strangled noise at the back of his throat but didn’t move a muscle.

“Good boy,” said Ruby. “For your hard work, you’ll be rewarded when we land this afternoon.”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.”

Ok, something a little different for me. I’m definitely not a Domme, but when I read this week’s Wicked Wednesday theme (A flight attendant drinking champagne in first class), this was the story that popped out of my head.

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