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A few tweets from a friend (and podcast listener) wound up inspiring the longest podcast episode to date on the topic of tasks in a D/s relationship as well as a special appearance at the end of the show from the one and only John Brownstone. He “sings” for us, y’all!

No, I didn’t spend nearly 20 minutes telling Dominants what tasks they should assign (that would be silly) or telling submissives how to complete them (also very silly). We’re all way too unique for that. But I did discuss the tasks I have and how they work for us. If you get a few ideas from that, great, but really, I simply wanted to show that tasks aren’t all sexual, many of them can be done without anyone realizing what you’re doing, and they should all serve a purpose (even if the purpose is to put an evil grin on the face of a Dominant).

FYI: For those who haven’t been able to listen to any of the shows, I did include a full transcript at the bottom of the show notes post. To get to it, just click the button at the bottom of this post and then scroll to the bottom of that post. It’s 3500 words this week – you’ve been warned, lol.

From the show:

  • This week’s episode inspired by a task John Brownstone set for himself, thanks to friend and listener, Lizzy.
  • All tasks Dominants give to their submissives are unique but most can be classified in multiple ways.
    • Kayla’s tasks are categorized into the tasks that serve him, the tasks that serve her, the tasks that push boundaries, and the sexy, kinky tasks.
  • Some tasks are temporary while others are on-going.
  • Many tasks can be done in public or around children because they aren’t sexual.
  • Most of the tasks that serve his needs are domestic: making lunch, preparing coffee, etc.
  • The tasks that serve her needs are good for her health and well-being: exercise, healthy eating, not working too much.
  • The tasks that push boundaries have actually made her freak out: Submission Can Be Hard or He Pushed My Boundaries and I Freaked Out
  • The sexy tasks have inspired quite a few posts over time:
  • What happens when tasks aren’t completed correctly – a freakout by Kayla and (sometimes) a punishment to fit the “crime”
  • The key to changing, adding, removing, or requesting new tasks is always communication.
  • Dominants need to let submissives know their plans and listen to what their submissive thinks
  • Submissives have a responsibility to let their Dominants know if there’s a problem that is interfering with tasks. Don’t be a superhero and power through if it’s bad for your health but also don’t feel like a failure if something doesn’t get done the way you think it should.
  • The episode ends with John Brownstone completing his own special task – a song for the listeners, requested by Lizzy.

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