Masturbation Monday

Please What? #MasturbationMonday

Assuming a new position, on my knees on the edge of the bed, my ass at just over waist level to him, my feet tucked in under me but still vulnerable to teasing touches. Head down, arms tucked in close. At this angle, I’m exposed on multiple levels.

My ass and pussy feel vulnerable. There is no tucking tail, so to speak, and hiding or shifting when pain or pleasure become too much. If I bolt against the bed and flatten myself, I’m in trouble for coming out of my position without permission. It never goes well when I do that…

His hands were warm and firm against my back. He pushed my neck and shoulders deeper into the bed. Already tight nipples grazed cold sheets. I hissed.

“Something the matter, girl?”

I shook my head, unwilling or unable to make a sound. I still don’t know. There was something different in the air. In my mind we’d argued this afternoon. My feelings were hurt. I’d expected a different reaction out of him, and I hadn’t gotten it. I was disappointed. This moment between us, with his firm hands and firmer voice felt like retribution but I’m wasn’t sure for whom.

All I wanted to do was feel.

His hand stroked the length of my back, applying pressure on my neck – a silent warning to go lower, stay still, don’t move. The bending of my spine to accommodate the unspoken request had the dual effect of exposing my almost weeping cunt to his view even more and reminding me of my place. That reminder only served to make me wetter.

Firm hands stroked my back, hips, and ass. His nails raked across my skin, swirling and looping back until he nearly touched my most sensitive places. I jumped and shuddered each time he came close to touching my lips and slit. I could practically feel my body swell and become heavy with need.

Holding me down against the bed with a firm grip, he teased my body until I pushed back against his fingertips, desperate for more. Desperate for penetration, for the firm strokes that might lead me to orgasmic bliss. Anything but the light, teasing touches.

“Do you need something, girl?”

A few moments of pure sensation, and I was already senseless.

“Please, Daddy. Please, please, please, please?” I wailed into the sheets.

“Please what, girl?”

I couldn’t answer. I knew better than to ask for an orgasm. I didn’t know if I wanted him to finger me, fuck me, or simply continue stroking my slit because it felt so good.

One moment, his hands were on my back and ass, blazing trails of heat from his touch. Then, his fingers snaked up the back of my skull. Before I could melt completely, he made a fist in my hair and pulled my head off the bed. I trembled with need, with anticipation, with desire for more. My body anticipated rough touches.

Instead, he teased my body. He skimmed across my clit until I hissed. A fingertip trailed down my slit and entered my body, just enough to make me beg again.

“Please, Daddy. Please, please, please, please!” I whimpered and moaned.

“Please what, girl?”

I had no answer. He didn’t want one. What I wanted didn’t matter much. The realization made the ache between my thighs greater. I burned for him, whatever he would do.

With a quick release and a shove, he rolled me onto the bed more completely. The bed dipped behind me and I felt his warmth press against me. He entered my body, and I choked back a scream. This was what I wanted. It had been too long.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! I won’t leave you in total suspense. He fucked me, I orgasmed, so did he, and we collapsed into the bed, falling asleep within moments. But somehow, you probably already suspected as much. Okay, enough about me. Go see what other smutty goodness is in store for you today!

Masturbation Monday

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