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The Universe Granted Us 19 Hours #MasturbationMonday

We begged the universe for good weather, with help from our friends, and our wish was granted. I travelled for work this week and came within two hours of him. Saturday was the only day and night that worked for both of us. The Universe grantef us 19 hours together. No, 19 hours isn’t enough, but you take what you can get sometimes.

His Arrival

He arrived at 4pm on Saturday. When I let him into my hotel room, I warned him that if I smelled like sex, I would need to take a shower before an evening banquet I was required to attend. I believe he took that as a challenge.

I flopped down on the bed, skirt hiked up, exposing my panties. He teased me until I was a writhing, begging mess on the bed. He denied me release – twice, reminding me that I didn’t want to smell like sex. In my most respectful voice, I reminded him that I could easily take a shower. He growled in my ear to remove my panties.

Moments later, he spread my legs wide and teased my cunt with his tongue. The tip of his tongue tortured my clit until I was panting and moaning. He pinned my arms to the bed to keep me from grabbing his head. Each time my hips lifted towards his mouth, he backed away and stopped. I realized that if I pushed, he would stop. I had to lay back and allow the torture to continue.

Sometimes his tongue tickled my clit. Sometimes he sucked and nibbled my clit. I could feel each orgasm cresting into the next. My body trembled. I used every ounce of self control I possess to lay back and allow him to play. At times I held my legs open wide for him.

His tongue licked and tasted every inch of my dripping pussy. He wrung countless orgasms from me in about 45 minutes. The bed below my ass was soaked through to the mattress. Each time I felt another hot gush pour out of my body, he growled and I purred.

Finally, it was time to get ready for my evening event. I showered and dressed quickly. I hated being away from him for even a couple of hours. I also felt wanton and wicked. My panties were soaked from the earlier play, and I only had one pair left for the next day. Pantiless in public makes me feel sexy and sexual. I couldn’t help but tease him. I wiggled my ass, believing I’d get a response. Hard, deliciously hard, smacks on the ass were my reward. My pain tolerance was high, and it was only with the final smacks that he brought me to my knees. I craved the pain.

Before I left for the night’s event, I was given strict orders – come back with ice cream (what can I say? We’re a little like kids sometimes) and upon my return, I was to strip nude. I could feel the moisture gathering between my thighs as I walked down the hall to dinner.

After Dinner

When I walked in the door, I could feel my pussy spasming with anticipation. Wordlessly, I set the ice cream down and began to undress. Once naked, I knelt at his feet. I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I was exactly where I wanted to be. He stroked my hair and gave me permission to eat my ice cream. The happy babygirl dance was performed as I enjoyed some of the best ice cream I’ve had in a while.

I will admit, over the course of the evening, I hit the deepest level of subspace I’ve ever encountered, so I don’t remember all the details and the chronological order of what happened is confused in my mind, so I can only describe some of what happened.

I know he spanked me with the belt and my hairbrush, although I didn’t realize it was a hairbrush until the end. I know he played my pussy like a violin. I know I begged to cum and did, multiple times, spasming and trembling as I did. I know he gagged me with a washcloth and we turned music on to drown out my cries.

I also know that he fucked me, hard…his cock slamming in and out of my body. Then he gave me what I’ve desperately needed for weeks. Three times he smacked my face, harder than he’s ever done. With each smack, I slipped further and further down into my most submissive self, into subspace. He told me later that with each smack, my pussy clamped down around his cock, squeezing him tightly.

After he came, he began taking care of me – holding me, whispering sweet nothings. My mind stayed relatively sharp but realized I was physically incapable of moving. That was new to me – usually it’s the other way around: the mind floats but the body is functional. My mind craved more, much more. I managed to whisper into his ear, “Hurt me, Daddy, please make it hurt.”

Be careful what you ask for.

He had to help me stand, but the next thing I remember is leaning over the edge of the bed. I don’t know if it was brush or belt, but he brutalized my ass. I cried and squirmed, dancing on my toes as my knees tried to give out. My ass burned all while my cunt dripped. I bit down on the makeshift gag again, crying and screaming, desperately wanting it to both continue and stop.

I can’t remember what all happened. I know he slapped me again. I know he made me cum. I know I shook and was covered in sweat while he beat my ass. And then I know it was over and I sank further down into subspace than I had been before. This time, I was so far gone that I was incapable of speech or movement. My mind floated for a while, but I came back mentally long before I came back physically. The first word I managed to blurt out was, “Subspace!” I have no idea how long it took to come back to myself, but I was frustrated. I had a million thoughts coursing through my mind, but I couldn’t force my body to let me speak and communicate.

Later, there was water and chocolate and cum dripping from my pussy – his cum. When we finally did sleep, I slept hard and deep, the way I do only when we’re together.

The Next Morning

The next morning we stumbled out of bed and into the shower. I ordered room service for us and Daddy went in search of a quicker cup of coffee than room service delivery could provide. Coffee took longer than normal and room service was quicker than usual. By the time he came back to the room, breakfast was ready.

Clad only in panties, I was ready to serve. I readied his coffee and wanted him to have first pick from breakfast. I sat on the floor at his knee, happy and content to wait.

Slowly,he began to feed me. A bite of this, a nibble of that, every morsel was at his whim. Those were the most delicious bites of breakfast I’ve ever experienced. He fed me with his fingers, and my tongue darted out each time to taste his fingertips. He fed me with a fork, and I looked into his eyes as I licked it clean.

I refilled his coffee as needed and eventually, he placed a plate of food on the floor for me. Inside, deep inside, I trembled at the magnitude of my submission; I loved every second of it. When I finished my food, I looked up at him and whispered, “You know what I’d like, Daddy? Your cock.” He responded my telling me what he wanted – more coffee. Flushed with embarrassment, I hurried to do his bidding.

A few moments later, my wish was granted. He allowed me to suck his cock. The man has steely control. I know he wanted me, but he required me to suck him hard to get him ready. I knew I had to drive him wild. I wanted to make him crazy with my tongue and teeth. I nibbled the head of his cock. I took every inch of him down my throat, gagging as he grew in my mouth. He continued casually drinking his coffee. I scraped the sensitive flesh with my teeth. I sucked on his balls, taking both in my mouth (no easy task). The thing that makes him crazy is when I suck the head of his cock, my tongue swirling this way and that, creating a vaccuum with my mouth and releasing his cock with an audible, “POP!”

Soon enough, Daddy had enough and ordered me to bend over the bed. Seconds later, I felt him plunge deep into my wet cunt. He pulled my hair, yanking my head up, arching my back, fucking me harder and faster. The next thing I knew, he threw me over onto my back and drove into me. I cried out, over and over, “You fuck me so good, Daddy!” That only spurred him on. His cock drove into my weeping pussy like a piston until I climaxed around him.

The rest of the morning was spent packing and dressing and kissing, lots of kissing. My heart ached when I had to say goodbye again. The Universe granted us 19 hours, and I can only be grateful for what we were allowed.

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