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Daddy and I did something during our 19 hours that actually made me nervous. I asked him about his fantasies. Our relationship started so slow and we both used to tread so carefully around one another that while we’ve discussed mutual fantasies, we’ve never truly explored them in any real way.

I sat in a chair by the hotel bed, his cum trickling down my thighs, barely able to hold my head up. We talked about exhibitionism and voyeurism. Earlier, he’d pinned me to the window completely nude. We were on the ninth floor, but I had that moment of excited fear of being seen. Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t, but the prospect of it colored our conversation.

I looked at him and asked, “Will you tell me one of your fantasies, Daddy?” Sometimes you come across the perfect moment because of good planning, and sometimes purely by accident. This was one of those accidental times.

“Well, I would love to watch another woman go down on you and make you cum with just her tongue.” I shivered and felt the blood rush to already sore and well-used areas.

I looked at him for a moment. There was something in his eyes. “What else, Daddy?”

He smiled at me. “I’ve considered a remote control egg. Taking you out in public, tormenting you, not allowing you to orgasm.” I could feel the flush on my skin; I swallowed nervously. I’m an enthusiastic climaxer (is that a word?). Not sure if I could act natural in that situation.

I saw something in his eyes. There was more. Did I really want to know? “Anything else, Daddy?”

There was a distinct gleam in his eyes. “One of your fantasies, babygirl. Two cocks.” I gulped. The idea both thrills and terrifies me.

Our eyes met, and the smile on his face was downright primal. I knew there was more, something else. My voice wobbled a bit as I asked again, “What else, Daddy?”

He smiled an indulgent smile, his Daddy Dominant side coming out full force. “That’s enough for tonight. Not too much at one time, babygirl.”

I was disappointed that the conversation was over, and yet a little relieved. I was already shaky from our earlier play. The revelation that we shared fantasies shook me on a deeper level. To have heard fantasies I hadn’t even conceived of yet would have thrown me off balance in a different way. He knew it, and so did I.

We are pushing against our boundaries with every encounter. When the time is right, I have no doubt he’ll share those deeper, darker fantasies with me. I also don’t doubt that I’ll respond with weak-kneed desire and just a little bit of fear which is part of what makes it so exciting.

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Kayla Lords

I am a sex blogger, podcaster, freelance writer, international speaker, kink educator, and all-around kinky woman. You can find me online sharing my innermost sexual thoughts and experiences, teaching other bloggers how to make money writing about sex, and helping kinksters have happy healthy BDSM relationships. I'm also a masochistic babygirl submissive with an amazing and sadistic Daddy Dom and business partner, John Brownstone. Welcome to my kinky corner of the internet!


  • Sir and I share our fantasies regularly, it is a form of intimacy for us. We have surprised each other on occasion. Well, I’ve surprised him, LOL. Revealing your fantasies makes you vulnerable, but having them received enthusiastically by your partner just “binds you tighter” to each other 🙂 share away!!!

    • In the beginning of our physical relationship, we talked a bit about our fantasies, but never in any great detail. I’d actually started to wonder if we shared any…it was a pleasant surprise, to say the least…of course, the egg isn’t one I’ve thought about before…only a sadist would think of that, right? Right?! 🙂

  • 🙂 a remote control egg is fun… We went out one evening, Princess and I. After a while she looked at me, her eyes asking why I hadn’t used it yet. I told her I hadn’t checked the batteries and they were dead. Some ten minutes later friends came to our table and the moment she started to say hi to them I pushed the button on the remote 🙂 ah, a what memorable evening that was

  • Good morning Kayla! Sir has a few remote control devices he loves to torment me with! I remember one time in the grocery store that was quite fun, let’s just say handling the meat took on new meaning ;D. He kept making me walk, when all I wanted to do is stop and let the sensations wash over me! Damn sadist!!!!
    Hugs girl! Mynx

    • ((HUGS)) Good morning!

      Damn those sadists…of course, they wouldn’t have quite as much fun if we weren’t so damn masochistic /giggles

      I’m dying to know what Daddy DIDN’T tell me that night…which of course means he’ll wait a while…he loves to torment me like that!

  • Hello Kayla,
    I’ve been ‘lurking’ for a while. 🙂 I follow your SSir, I love reading about the two of you, your journey together, it is beautiful.

    Sharing fantasies is so scary. I get so scared when I share mine with Husband. I’ve managed to raise his eyebrows ( as well as other things) a few times with my fantasies.

    I love your writing, btw.

    • Welcome! Thanks for going from lurker to commenter! 🙂

      Until he told me his fantasies, I was pretty nervous about ever really sharing mine – until he said what I sometimes think about.

      /giggles, raising eyebrows and, um, other things is usually a fine thing indeed. 🙂

      And thank you for saying so. I love writing. 🙂

  • We have shared some fantasies. Well, probably only me, if I stop and think about it. It took me YEARS to do that and still only voice them in the total pitch dark. Unfortunately (or maybe not) he told me last night that the dark problem was going to be a limit I couldn’t keep. GULP. I wheedled. He laughed and told me to get used to it. It was going to happen. On his timeline of course. I’m pretty limitless in the dark but turn a light on or let the sun come up and I can’t keep my head in the game. The first fortress he storms has to be one I really like.

    • Your hottie sounds quite Dominant…yay you!

      For me, it’s not the dark, but I hide behind the written word. It’s harder for me to speak out loud – good or bad, fantasy or reality. I tend to write it out. I’m queen of overly long emails and blog posts that say what I’m really thinking. The understanding that we have is that I won’t clue him in to a problem through my blog. I’ll always tell him first – of course, I usually email or text it, but at least he knows first. 🙂 Basically, in my own, I get it.

      • Yeah, dominant, QUITE A SURPRISE!!! He’s laid back and has let me run the show 90% of our life. Every once in a while he would floor me with something, but I really didn’t think he could sustain it because he liked the easy life with me steamrolling ahead. WRONG! Crap, I can hardly sit still for thinking about how in 48 hours he has changed my worldview and he probably hasn’t even come close to hitting his stride. I can remember the MOMENT I fell for him 22 years ago and I am thinking now, duh! He wrestled me to the floor at his parents house, held me down, and kissed the living crap out of me. Our first kiss!! I was flabbergasted and secretly thought, “this one could take me.” Recently I told him this. In the dark of course. Lol.

        I am so much better at writing down what I feel too. I can fuss over the placement of words and change everything until I think it is just so. Saying it out loud is just plain terrifying. And in DAYLIGHT! OMG I may have a stroke. The good kind, I hope. 😉

        I don’t know how to operate the blog thingy but if you want to read my lame rumblings about this, I’d be happy to include you.

        I think your problem plan is a good one. I’m going to steal that. I am much braver by text. Not even email.

        • You may be interested in a book that sounds a bit like what you’ve experienced – it’s fiction, of course, but the idea is that the woman had been in control their entire marriage and her husband thought that’s what she needed so although he was Dominant (very much so) he tried to give her what he thought she needed. It’s called Bondage Anniversary by Tori Carson. She’s an excellent writer and the story is really good. Just a thought.

          I’d LOVE to read what you write. The writing thing gets easier with time and practice. I promise!

          • Ok. I have to have your email to add you. Can you email it to me? [email protected].

            I haven’t read anything by her! I’ll check it out. My local library has an online service and I was surprised to find books by Lauren Dane and Maya Banks there. Not their hottest ones but spicy for a public library in my neck of the woods. I have adjusted my kindle to keep prying eyes from reading my erotica so I can have steamy stuff on it. My hottie just laughs.

          • Just emailed you. 🙂

            Oh, she’s good, and she’s a friend of mine. Just met her (online of course) but she’s a good person, and I like her a lot. She lives the lifestyle, too, which is part of why I think her writing is so good…the other part is sheer talent. 🙂

            I understand about prying eyes. I do my erotica stuff on my laptop at the kitchen table – with a nosy 8yo…frustrating.

      • He told me tonight I probably should pick out a safe word. HOLY crap! Where’d he hear about those?? Then he told me he’d been thinking today of turning #1’s bedroom into our play room after he gets married this summer. I was thinking, “Wait, I thought this was going to go a little slower.” Not that I’m complaining, but I seriously seriously underestimated him. Big dimples.

        • 🙂 Yep, that man has been waiting for you to figure this out for a looooooooong time. Safe words are important. Mine is red, but just make sure it’s something you can remember. And remember, thats the word – “No” isn’t the safe word…I say no all the time, but I’m usually panting and cumming at the time and if I truly wanted it to stop, “no” isn’t what I’d say at all.

  • Gotta love remote control gadgets. Their application for naughtiness is endless. Imagine wearing one walking around the grocery store… To work…. Dinner with your mother in law -laughs- ?

  • Now I HAVE to read the book!

    Kayla wait until you are trying to shut down your browser while your GIFTED teenager looks over your shoulder. I almost puked. He would probably be scarred for life. I live in constant fear that he will find a toy while rummaging around in our room stealing his dad’s socks. I told HH that I could possible retrofit an armoire over my spring break like the one Mynx has. He thinks that might be a good plan. Our collection is getting a little out of hand. I can’t imagine trying to explain why daddy needs a crop in the bedroom. Yikes!!

    • LOLOL, I”m sitting here with my catalog of toys wide open as the boys walk back and forth (16 and 18)… “Working mom?” They are cool with me SELLING them, but I’m not sure if they know we actually USE some of them…

    • That might be the only thing I’ve done right when it comes to my kinks and my kids – they don’t come in my room if the door is closed without knocking and (so far) they don’t go in at all if I’m not in there. So far, they haven’t accidentally seen a thing. Now, as to what they’ve heard when I’ve convinced myself their asleep, I’ll never know.

      But I’m on Tumblr ALL the time, and I can’t tell you how many times the 8yo has almost learned all about sex from a picture or two. /gulp

      • Enjoy it while you can. As for tumbler, I’m in the dark again. What is that? Can you tell I don’t get out much?

        • Kayla- you’ll have to fill her in on the little stuff, I’m not going to touch that, and is another form of blogging, but mostly based on pictures… and quite racy. I feel like I could ID some people in a line up without their clothes on if I didn’t see faces… LOLOL

        • Because I’m not afraid to pimp myself out, here ya go: – that’s me. I’m a kinky bitch, there, too…and really lovey dovey…oh and I post pics of my boobs and other parts…actually, Tumblr is where I first started to think I might be submissive. It’s where I learned I was at least kinky as hell. I was shocked at the images that turned me on…it took me a while, but eventually, I embraced it. 🙂 Welcome to the dark side, Angel! 🙂

          • Me too at first, but I started out at Literotica, and I nervously ventured into the BDSM category and I could not BELIEVE how turned on I was reading it. Then, I went searching for images, videos, anything I could find. I kept it to myself for years.

          • I should add that is where I first identified myself as sexually submissive. I’ve been my Sir’s sub for over 7 years, but without the sex for the first 5… it’s complicated, LOL.

          • Sorry, darling, I’ve got a date with my wand and my Daddy’s voice on the phone. These Masturbation Monday posts don’t write themselves, ya know. 🙂

            I definitely want to talk about this with you at some point though. I’m very intrigued…be careful, I might put your story into my fiction writing. Kidding! XOXO

          • Ohhhhhh, go for it…. I’ve got a date with my Sir in the closet in a bit as well, but yeah, you all should know the whole story, it gets harder and harder to post comments without knowing what the deal is.
            Happy ‘gasms!

          • I read a couple of stories at Literotica that made me HOT…they aren’t my kinks, even now, but OMG…that was an eye-opener! I was already single and would wait for the boys to be in bed at night before I’d look at or read anything. And I was so paranoid about someone finding out (not sure WHO, but whatever) that I’d erase my browser history and temp files like once a week.

          • LOL, same here… then I would feel horribly guilty, I have to stop doing this, but I couldn’t, it was so hot, I never even picked up FSOG, I was already past it by the time it came out.. OMG, never in a million years did I think things would work out the way they did, but when my Sir told me everything he was up to, I’m sure the LAST thing he expected to hear was ” oh yeah, let me tell you what “I’ve” been up to. Holy crap what a night…..

          • Would you girls be shocked to find out that HH has, um, paper memories that date back….well let’s just say they go back a ways…and I have heart palpitations that the kids are going to find his extensive stash of non-electronic memories of MOM? Never mind the digital stuff I got talked into last year. Can’t believe I get talked into this stuff.

      • Teenagers never sleep. I’m convinced. I am so worn out trying to stay up past them. If my HH didn’t need his sleep, I’d wake him when I wake with insomnia. I just feel so guilty though.

  • Yes I do like you clean down there little one, the better to feast upon you.
    since I even pick out your panties when we shop I do like you too wear them. if we were together 24/7 you would be wearing them a lot less.
    so be prepared.

  • I didn’t figure I could remember anything complicated. I went with red. I had to use it too. Eventually. Holy crapola. It’s just now wearing off. I celebrated with a tantrum. 🙁 epic fail.

  • In his defense, he has had to work all weekend and I sprung this on him 2 weeks ahead of my carefully planned timeline which included toys and distractions. Getting super sick put me over the top. I blogged about it, which he will read and I texted him several bizarre and probably pathetic messages. He was sweet. And ordered me home for a nap. I also had to go off caffeine last night and addicted isn’t a strong enough word for my attachment. Perfect storm for a melt down. However, ;), last night was worth it.

  • “No” was not an acceptable response last night. 🙂 not that I really wanted it to be. Evidently I was loud enough he was sure I woke up the teens. He had to alter his master plan a little. I’m a little fuzzy on those details, lol! He mentioned a gag this morning. Gulp.

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