Masturbation Monday

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He pinned me softly. With warm hands and sweet caresses. I melted into him, craving his heat and his touch.

He pinned me sweetly. Kisses along my shoulder, running up the back of my neck, until his tongue tasted sensitive skin in dark hollows.

Fire licked the inside of my body.

He pinned me roughly. Strong aams held me in place as lips, tongue, and teeth seared my flesh.

He pinned me with pleasure. Feather-light strokes down my back, across my bottom, diving deeper. Straining against his arm, I begged for release.

He pinned me with a word. “Come.” Writhing, straining, squeaking, I came. The smell of sex filled the space around us.

Molten lava flowed through my veins.

He pinned me to the bed. His tongue devoured my neck, my ears, every inch of sensitive skin.

He pinned me with his gaze, filled with lust, ready for battle.

He pinned me with his body, rising up to thrust deep.

Scratching, clawing, mewling, bucking, I rose up to meet each sensation, every movement. We fought against each other. I squealed, and he growled. The battle was fierce. With a roar, he reared back, every muscle tight, finding his own release. He collapsed into the bed, pinning me to the mattress.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Last week was a rough one, and I wondered if I would be provided with any kinky fuckery fodder…then this happened. Rawr. Okay, go forth and discover other smutty goodness on this, the best day of the week.



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