It’s a Tad Bit Crazy in My World Right Now

Today is April 24, 2015. Today, John Brownstone and I have been dealing with some portion of the condo remodel for more than 30 days. Today we are five days away from moving in and figuring out our new routines.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Sometimes you have to eat whatever you can grab when you can grab it.
  • A full home remodel and an exercise routine are difficult to manage at the same time – unless the remodel counts as exercise.
  • You can only complete so much in one day. Something has to give. Sometimes it’s sleep. Sometimes it’s writing. Sometimes it’s a hot meal.
  • Do what you can with what you have and worry about the rest later.

Here’s what that’s meant for me…

  • I’m perpetually behind on my blogging – one of the few things that keeps me sane.
  • I missed Boobday this month…damn it! And the E[lust] Newsletter. Le sigh.
  • I’ve managed to write 6000 words towards my next book – and that’s it.
  • I have a million ideas and no time to do anything about them.
  • If I never have to eat another McDonald’s hamburger while driving down the road, I’ll be a happy woman.
  • I think I’m now composed mainly of caffeine, chocolate, and sugar – hmmm, maybe that’s why my clothes don’t fit.

I’ll admit that in the slow moments when I take a second to breathe and catch up on the happenings in my kinky world, I find writers releasing more books (yay for all of us, more to read!). I find people moving forward with projects (yay for accomplished goals and dreams!). I find life happening, and I’m happy for everyone who’s experiencing good things and sad for anyone who isn’t. I find myself wishing I was in the mix, too, though.

I’m ready for the crazy train to stop so I can participate in this side of the world again. And even in the vanilla world, too. I think I’ve taken one out of every five calls my mother has made to me in the last few weeks. That’s never a good thing – especially since I actually like talking to her.

Daddy and I don’t have conversations that don’t involve the remodel or the move. What type of light fixture? What kind of carpet? What’s on the to-do list? Who do we need to call? We need boxes. More boxes. Lots of boxes. Sometimes we sit in blissful silence just so we don’t have to talk about it anymore.

For the record, neither of us is unhappy. Just tired. Worn out. Ready to be done. And once we’ve moved, it will be worth all of it – we both know it. But until then, I sort of need this crazy train to stop for a minute so I can catch my breath.

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    • Thank you. I’m pretty sure this remodel, the move, and some crazy life stuff has us on the ropes…but, to continue the boxing metaphor, we’ve got one round left in us, and we’ll knock the fucker out…er, or something like that. 😉

  • Oh do I understand. Wolf and I feel like we switched from the Crazy Train to the Insane Train at the intersection of Overload and Chaos. We’d been doing the whole construction bit for a couple of years, and then Boom! No more house. Reeling from that, we hit the No Choice station and have been on the express ride of emotional chaos for the last month.

    I too have stories lined up in my head, and way too much on my plate. I feel good when I can get through my email or social media at this point. I have things I want to do, and for one reason or another, there is no way to do them.

    So, I totally understand, and look forward to reaching the end of this ride. I hope you both reach the end of the line soon.

    Lots of love and hugs (or should that be whips and cuffs?)

    Wordwytch and Wolf

  • It will all be worth it in the end no more bugs no more problems with the apartment any more YAY!! I just know that everything will turn out fine for you and SSir.

    Hugs kisses and love to you both xxx

  • worry not! moving is *hell*…add in renovations? Please don’t worry about us…we’ll be back. You go on and finish up — you’ll be happier for getting it all done without having to worry about all this…

    Wishing you speedy conclusions to your remodel…and a gentle, easy move into your NEW HOME!!!



    • ((HUGS)) Thanks, nilla. What do you mean I shouldn’t try to do every single solitary thing I’ve ever done in the midst of the biggest renovation/moving project I’ve ever had? What?! /giggles

  • I’m trying to play catch up with reading blogs. So sorry I missed this one Kayla. We too are in the midst of packing up.

    We are heading to the sunshine state at the end of May. That means we need to not only pack, but get rid of the junk we’ve accumulated for the past 25 yrs we’ve lived in this town home. OMG!!

    So I too have been missing post, I haven’t been able to finish the last few chapters of Master Mike’s story. Yes it’s on my mind everyday. But with the surgery, Mom’s cancer, and the move, I think I’m about to lose my mind, Lol.

    Does it ever end? I wish you joy and happiness in your new condo. I know It’s gonna be great! Hugs!!

    • I completely understand. SSir’s sister has cancer, and it’s taken it’s toll on the family. He and I run her to her appointments every week, and he’s there with her when she gets news like “the tumors have grown again, time to start more aggressive chemo.” Ugh.

      The boxes that surround us are only making me slightly crazy, but when I write, I find I can ignore them, lol.

      Good luck on your move and your continued recovery from surgery. ((HUGS)) because cancer sucks so bad.

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