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Emotions Submissive

Do You?

I had a long drive today. Too much time to think. I thought of all the things I wish I could say to him. I thought of so many little memories of our time together. I don’t want him to have to reject me by ignoring an email – I like to think it makes him feel bad. I don’t think he reads my posts, so I feel like it’s safe to air it here and get it out of my head. I need to function, and if it stays in my head, I’ll dwell. 

Do you remember our first tentative conversations? Does that memory make you smile? Do you remember our first misunderstanding? I won’t ask if it makes you smile, but in retrospect, I smile, knowing that, as always, we were victims of poor circumstances only.

Do you remember our first kiss? We were so hungry for one another. I couldn’t tell you one detail about the room, the location. But I remember the feel of you under my hands, on my lips, and the taste of you in my mouth. Do you remember? Do you remember how frantic we were? Do you remember how I grabbed you, forgetting for half a second that you were in charge? Do you smile or does the memory hurt?

When I slept next to you and you decided how to take me in the middle of the night – mouth or cunt – did you think of your love for me or your need or both? Did you think about what I meant to you? Did you ever feel lucky to have me there with all of my willingness, all of my submission? Did you plan what might happen next? Did you watch me sleeping, thinking that I looked peaceful?

Do you ever think of my hands on your back, rubbing and kneading as many cares away as I could? Do you miss it? Did you crave my touch? Did you ever dream about the next time you thought you’d feel me? Did you wish for a time when we could be together like that in the future? Did you have any idea how happy it made me to serve you in such a simple capacity?

Do you remember my punishments? Did I make you proud for being honest and taking my punishment well? Did I just disappoint you?

Did you know that I feel beautiful, now, all these weeks later, simply because you made me believe it? Did you know that I embrace my curves, my imperfections, my very being because you did first? Do you know how much you gave me? The confidence to stand up for myself, the belief that I am lovable and wanted, even though I still have my doubts. Did you know that you did that for me?

Did you ever know that my submission means giving you what you want no matter how much it hurts? That’s why I didn’t fight you harder all those weeks ago. I would give you anything that you asked for, even if it ripped me apart. When I gave you my submission, I submitted so completely that it never occurred to me to fight back and insist you were wrong. Do you think it would have mattered?

Do you know that if you told me tomorrow to never email you again, never blog about you again, never go on Tumblr again, it would rip me apart, but I would do it if that’s what you needed? Do you know how afraid I am that will happen?

Do you remember our time together and smile? Do you remember my little quirks? Do you remember the time you made me talk about my feelings instead of using my keyboard and email? Do you have any idea how hard that was? I was so afraid of misspeaking and not making myself clear. Do you remember how you prodded me, gently but firmly, not letting me wriggle out of your command? Do you remember all those times I talked too much, running over you in my eagerness to get my thought out? Did I annoy you or was it endearing to you? Do you think about it now with any fondness?

Do you still think I put you on a pedestal? You were wrong, you know. I knew your flaws – I loved you in spite of them, despite them, and because of them. They made you who you are. I’m certainly not perfect; I never expected you to be. I loved you anyway. Did you love me the way I love you? That’s probably not a fair question. No one loves the way I do, right?

Do you know you spoiled me for other men? You thought I was crazy when I said I would wait for you. Did you understand why? We are different sides of the same cloth, you and I, did you know that? Where you’re dark, I’m light. Where I’m dark, you’re light. We’re not perfect – there are some rips, tears, and stains that life handed us, but we fit together. Do you have any idea how rare and special a man you are? You do what you think is right even when it’s hard. I tell myself that’s what this was – you doing what you thought was right. I think you were wrong. I think you needed me, but you disagreed. You wanted to spare me something, didn’t you?

Did you know you had my heart the day you said, “My word is my bond.”? I have waited my whole life for a man who said it, meant it, and lived it. Do you know how hard it is to live under that when the bond you’ve made with yourself hurts both of us?

Did you really think that I would turn around and find someone else? Did you really think you were so easily replaced? Do you have any idea how wrong you were? Did you think you were sparing me future pain? Were you trying to spare yourself? Did it work? Are you happy? God, I hope you are.

Do you know what I envision when I think of your life right now? You wake up too early; you work too hard; you come home late and keep working or you stay late and work; you go to bed a second before you collapse from exhaustion. Every once in a while, you see your babies. Even rarer, you see your family. I don’t envision a lot of laughter, a lot of smiles. Do you know how wrong I hope I am?

Do you know I remember the time you told me that because of me your co-workers stopped thinking of you as Eeyore? Do you remember that? I felt so proud, like I finally brought something to our relationship instead of just taking. Do you think I helped you remember to be your lovable, goofy, silly self again? Do you still act silly? Do you still make other people laugh?

Do you bury your feelings in order to cope? Did they melt away as if they never were? Do you remember the day you told me you loved me? Do you remember how scared I was? I remember the way I stopped breathing, knowing I felt the same and terrified it would hurt someday. Do you know that sometimes I don’t like being right?

Do you know I would give anything to know you’re happy and smiling, that life is treating you well, even if I’m not the cause? Do you know that even if some poor man convinces me he’s worthy, I will always love you? Do you know that I want to scream and rage at the idea that I may have to love someone else one day because I’m not the one you want or need? Do you know how much I long to comfort you when you’re sad or angry? Do you know how quickly I would kneel at your feet, in front of everyone, anyone, if that’s what you wanted?

Do you know I would do anything you asked? Do you know I wish I was still your silly ass? Do you know that I’m coping, surviving, and even smiling sometimes? Do you know that I hope you find happiness, because it’s what you deserve? Do you know that I love you? Does it make you happy or does it hurt?

Do you still love me despite all of emotions, all of my grief, all of my silly ways, all of my flaws?

About the author

Kayla Lords

I am an erotic author, sex blogger, podcaster, freelance writer, an opinionated marketer, and speaker. You can find me online sharing my innermost sexual thoughts and experiences, teaching other bloggers how to make money writing about sex, and helping kinksters have healthy BDSM relationships. I'm also a masochistic babygirl submissive with an amazing and sadistic Daddy Dom and business partner, John Brownstone. Welcome to my kinky corner of the internet!


    • It’s not rolling around in my head, so I’m sure it has…if it lives in my head, I dwell on it…once I get it out of my head, I move on to the next thing to dwell about…

  • I’m coming out of lurkdom to tell you I was quite affected by reading this. It’s so poignant and heartfelt, and it’s not fiction – it’s your life! And that’s what makes it infinity more complicated and emotional. I’m totally rooting for you over here. lol

    • And I am a little speechless that my words can lure someone out of lurkdom…thank you…

      It is my life…unfortunately…I have never felt so strongly about the rightness of my feelings…and I have never felt so sad and heartbroken…

      Thank you for rooting for me…it helps more than you know… 🙂

  • Beautiful posts honey. I’ve nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. If you choose to accept it you can go to my page to find out more. Congratulations honey.

  • there are so many things here i so wish to know from my master as well.the questions of the heart that never seem to find the light of day.
    I hope that he reads this and finds it in him to honor you with answeres and peace.

    • This touches me to the core. So many things in common with so many relationships but you’ve made it so personal for yourself and for each of us. Its a wonderful tribute to yours. It brings me happiness that it has touched My Pet and that she feels the same as I do and all the questions we all have and are sometimes afraid to say or ask. This is a great place for us to start! Thank you for your insight

      • It is a little overwhelming to think that my words and thoughts can illicit such a reaction. Thank you for that. If my heartbreak can help someone else, that’s a beautiful thing.

      • You have no idea how many of your writings have opened up converstions between my master and i. I am a girl of many words, but not always the right ones. He is a man who chooses to use his words with spare perfection. So between the three of us there has been some deep emotions. Your words opening my heart and his. Thank you for sharing the depths of your soul with us.

        • You’ve brought tears to my eyes. I feel selfish sometimes, whining about my hurt feelings, my silly emotions, my desires that have no destination…to know that I’ve somehow helped someone else is amazing beyond belief…

          • there is no selfishness in missing what your heart held most dear. it is in your words that i often find my strength. I am a stubborn woman who has not been loved in this manner ever in my life. And i find obedience to him difficult. Not because i do not love him, but because i have taken care of myself for so long. Reading the depth of your feelings has helped me see my own and how i would be lost if he were to choose to go elsewhere. I feel honored to be allowed into the depths of your heart. That you share with us. And i hope that i can one day bring you some of the joy you have shared in our lives.

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