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Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty #MasturbationMonday

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I’m sure it says something about both John Brownstone and myself that we sing this song every so often…when we’re naked.

My soft kitty, warm kitty is now fur-free (thank Gawd) and loves being petted. The more he pets it, the more I purr.

Two weeks late, but I finally had my Brazilian wax on a busy, overwhelming, headachy Friday. From furry to smooth in 15 minutes of scorching pain (made worse this time because I was overdue).

We both adore it. Soft, smooth, pink – and open to anything.

I can’t stop myself from stroking the sensitive skin where pussy and thigh meet. I grab his hand and say, “Feel, Daddy.”

Oh, and feel he does. Warm fingers linger on that apex before reading the rest of my body with his hands. Slow strokes, fast flicks, circles, swirls until I’m a writhing, whimpering mess next to him.

“Does babygirl want to cum?”

I squeak out the words between gritted teeth and clenched jaw.

“Yes, please, please, yes, oh God, yes, please, Daddeeeeee!”

My body flexes then freezes, burning sensations speeding from one end of my body to another. I forget to breathe. I clutch at open air. Every muscle tenses. I jerk and buck and thrash – all in the throes of a near blinding orgasm.

When I come down from post-orgasmic bliss, when we are in the right mood, one of us may sing, “Soft kitty, warm kitty…”

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Today, I celebrate my own smoothness. Rawr! Now, go forth and find out what others are writing about on this, the best day of all! /giggles

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